Lock Haven University Brand and Identity Guidelines



Lock Haven University Office of Strategic Communications has prepared this guide as a means of establishing official policy and standards for the use of university trademarks and the text of Lock Haven University publications, stationery, the web, and other applications.

It is the responsibility of each person to see that usage and trademark protocols are followed for all communications. In the event that you require clarification or assistance, please contact Dawn Wooster at brand@lockhaven.edu. For assistance with athletic branding questions, contact Doug Spatafore at 570-484-2350, dspatafo@lockhaven.edu.




To thrive in the highly competitive higher education market it is imperative that we convey the Lock Haven University name clearly, consistently, and prominently across all communication platforms.

As a University community we must work together to ensure that communications from every college, department, and office arise from a clear and uniform voice, thus promoting the Lock Haven University brand with continuity to all prospective students and stakeholders.

The purpose of this guide is to provide detailed standardized usage guidelines for Lock Haven University brand assets. Following these guidelines will establish a uniform brand recognition and awareness which is crucial to our continued success as a public institution committed to providing our students a high-quality, affordable education.

Full Version of LHU Brand Guide (PDF)

LHU Logo

Office of Strategic Communications

10 Susquehanna Avenue
Lock Haven, PA 17745

University Logo

 University Logo

Primary Logo

The Lock Haven University logo is the single most important element of our brand identity. The distinctive mark creates a visual expression of the institution and enforces our stated identity.

The University logo is also the official identifying mark of the University and must be used on all University publications in order to establish a continuity of brand, image, and identity.

The primary logo is available for digital download in crimson (PMS 1955), black, and white versions.

LHU Logo Usage

Download the LHU Logo (PMS 1955) Download the LHU Logo (Black) download the lhu logo (white)



Clearfied Logo

 Clearfield Logo

Lock Haven University Clearfield is LHU’s sister campus and is located in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. The logo is reserved for use by LHU Clearfield and must be used on all Clearfield publications in order to establish a continuity of brand, image, and identity. The logo is available for digital download in crimson (PMS 1955), black, and white versions.

LHU Logo Clearfield

DOWNLOAD THE Clearfield LOGO (PMS 1955) Download the Clearfield Logo (Black) DOWNLOAD THE Clearfield LOGO (WHITE)



University Logo Incorrect Usage

 University Logo Incorrect Usage

Following are several examples of inappropriate use of the University logo. The Lock Haven University logo is a standalone design element, meaning it must appear separate from all other elements in every application. To ensure clear messaging and brand identity, it is essential that no words or images crowd, overlap, or merge with the logo. In addition, the logo is a registered trademark and may never be altered in any way.

Logo Incorrect Usage Image

All LHU logos should never be:

  • Cropped
  • Stretched or skewed/distorted
  • Colorized
  • Angled or rotated
  • Overlapped with graphic elements
  • Nothing inside the box
  • Distressed or faded
  • Do not add text
  • Background image with logo on top
  • Altered in any way


Alternative Logos

 University Logo Additional Versions

Additional Logos

In addition to the primary logo, there are several additional versions available for digital download. These logos are only to be used when the primary LHU logo does not work with certain layouts. All logos are available in crimson, black and white versions.

Alternative Logo Image

Download Horizontal Version


University Colors

University Colors

Lock Haven University’s official colors are crimson and white. Gray is often used as an accent color within the primary color palette. Due to the differences inherent in printing processes, paper stocks, and screen calibration, maintaining consistent color matches often proves difficult.

The ink-matching system known as Pantone® Matching System or PMS® provides color matching standards. In any printing situation, the PMS, RGB, or CMYK (4-color process) equivalents should be used to specify ink colors.

Some special exceptions to these colors may be extended for promotional and specialty items. Please contact the Office of Strategic Communications for guidelines.




Consistent typography is the foundation for a successful identity system. When used consistently, the typeface becomes synonymous with the organization. The primary serif and sans serif fonts to be used for all print collateral are Barlow and Droid Serif. Barlow and Droid Serif are free Google Fonts and available to download at our downloads page. Samples of each font are featured below.


In the event Barlow and Droid Serif cannot be used, the equivalent serif and sans serif fonts to be used for all digital marketing are Arial and Times.

Employee Email Signature

Employee Email Signature

To create a consistent brand experience, Lock Haven University employees will adhere to a standardized email signature, as shown below.  The signature offers the following benefits:

  1. Reduced number of copy lines and font size offers the potential to reduce paper waste.
  2. Gray font color reduces the amount of toner (on black and white printers) required to print the signature.
  3. Enhanced message readability—especially when reading through long chain emails.

 Email Image

Usage Guidelines

Font color for most of the signature will be gray (R: 95, G: 95, B: 95) with the exception of employee name and links which will be black (R: 0, G: 0, B: 0) and the University name which will appear as crimson (R: 165, G: 0, B: 52). Emails should be written with official typography.


Standards and Guidelines

  • Background colors on emails are prohibited
  • No other colors/graphics/logos may be used in the signature. This helps reduce the demand on our email system.
  • Non-University related content (quotes/jokes/philosophy/external promotions, etc.…) are prohibited in the signature.

Download Instructions

  • Download Template: LHU email signature template (Word doc)
  • Copy and paste template into your email signature
  • Customize the template according to the instructions above
Letterhead, Powerpoint Templates, and Business Cards

Letterhead, Powerpoint, and Business Card Templates

Letterhead Template

Correspondence written on Lock Haven University stationery implies an official message from the writer and Lock Haven University. Because they are official documents, a standard format has been developed for letterhead.

Download University Letterhead


Printing: All letterhead components may be ordered through the LHU Duplicating Department. It is strongly recommended that all orders for letterhead, envelopes, and business cards be placed through LHU Duplicating. For questions about large orders, please contact Duplicating.

Letterhead can be ordered in standard (8.5 x 11).

To order stationery, please contact Duplicating at duplicate@lockhaven.edu, (570)484-2224.

Powerpoint template

A PowerPoint template has been designed for use in University presentations. While the PowerPoint is customizable, the header content should not be altered in any way. It is acceptable to remove the header from slides, apart from the opening slide, which require more space for content.

Powerpoint Template

Business Cards

Lock Haven University business cards have been designed for customized contact information by individuals employed by Lock Haven University. A standard horizontal format has been developed including the University logo and the layout should not be modified in any way. The degree and fax number fields are optional. “Fax” can be replaced with “Cell” if you would like to include your cellphone number. No other modifications can be made to business cards. LHU employees may not make their own business cards or use a different design than depicted in the template below.

Business cards produced by LHU Duplicating are printed 10 per sheet on perforated cardstock. Enter your information on the business card template (available for download below) and contact LHU Duplicating, duplicate@lockhaven.edu, (570) 484-2224, to order.

Business cards may also be obtained through Reese’s Print Shop, 7 E. Main St., Lock Haven. Contact Reese’s Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at (570)748-6528.

No other outside vendors may be used to produce LHU business cards.

Business Card Template (Word Doc)

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