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Kimberly Johnson

Dr. Kimberly Johnson

145 Akeley
(570) 484-2955

Courses Most Commonly Taught

  • Economic Sociology
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Sociological Theory
  • Social Change
  • Society and the State
  • Sociology of Libertarian Thought

Areas of Expertise

Sociological Theory, Political Sociology, Medical Sociology and Social Change


  • PhD. 2000 University of North Texas

Courses Developed:

  • Economic Sociology
  • Sociology of Libertarian Thought
  • Sociology of Conservative Thought
  • Sociological Research
  • Society and the State
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Urban and Rural Patterns
  • Medical Sociology

Programs Developed

Industry and Economics concentration in the Sociology Program

Recent Professional Publications:

Johnson, Kimberly. 2016. Homebirth, Midwives, and the State: A Libertarian Look. Libertarian Papers. Volume 8 (2): 256-278.

Sanctions Against Russia Take US Closer to War. August 10, 2017. Lock Haven Express.

Time to Give Thanks to the Establishment Media. November 2016. Lock Haven Express.

Point/Counter Point. Opposing Views on the Election. October 2016. Lock Haven Express.

Brexit and International Rise of Populism. August 2016. Lock Haven Express.

Did Trump trump the Establishment? March 4, 2016. Lock Haven Express.

ISIS, Blowback, and the Beltway Elite. February 16, 2016. Lock Haven Express.

The State’s War on Drugs. October 13, 2015.  Lock Haven Express.

The Choice to be Conscious. August 17, 2015. Lock Haven Express.

The Very Word “Secrecy” is Repugnant in a Free and Open Society. August 3, 2015.  Lock Haven Express.

Emotionally-Charged Americans Support Air Strikes Over Syria. October 8, 2014. Lock Haven Express.

Corporatism: Inequality for All. February 2014. Lock Haven Express.

Truth is Treason for Snowden. June 17, 2013. Lock Haven Express.

The Fruit of Our Labor. April 12, 2013. Lock Haven Express. 

Syria: An Important Story. May 24, 2013. Lock Haven Express. 

Surveillance State: We Never Saw it Coming. June 2013. Lock Haven Express. 

NSA Breaches the Fourth Amendment: The Right to be Left Alone. July 2013. Lock Haven Express. 

Benjamin Gives Hope. March 7, 2013. Lock Haven Express. 

MaryKris Mcilwaine with Kimberly Alexander, Nili Kirschner, Ovetta Robinson-Heyward, and Janine Schipper. 2012. Sociology: A Contemporary Approach. New Social Science Press.

Put Your Hands Up (Article on the TSA) November 17, 2012. Lock Haven Express. 

Recent Presentations

Homebirth, Monopoly, and the Nonaggression Principle. 2015. Pennsylvania Sociological Society. Edinboro, PA.
Midwives, Physicians and the State: A Libertarian Look. 2015. Mises Institute.

Austrian Economics Research Conference. Auburn, AL.

Why Privacy Matters. Sociology’s Conversation on Issues. 2015. Lock Haven University, University Open Lecture.


  • Sociology Club
  • Young Americans for Liberty

Research Areas

Sociological Implications of Cryptocurrency, Sociological Theory, Libertarian Theory

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