Art, Design, and Media Clubs

Dance Consort:
Give students a pre-professional experience in dance, while studying various forms, such as classical, historical, and cultural.  Enrich the creative and artistic climate on campus as well as for the community.  Increase the awareness of choreography, dance, aesthetics, historical reconstruction and dance criticism.

Diamonds N Da Ruff:
The purpose of this organization is to unify people of different cultures while portraying and acknowledging their cultures through the expression of dance.  They are also organized to bring about awareness and recognize the role dance plays in society.

Eagle Eye Newspaper:
A group organized to inform the faculty and students on campus about issues and events.

Gospel Choir:
A musical group organized to provide a friendly atmosphere and spiritual enlightenment through music and song.

Hip-Hop Dance Club:
The purpose of the Hip-Hop Dance Club is to let Lock haven students express their individual style of dance in an organized fashion.  The dance club is also a form of entertainment for Lock Haven university students and faculty.  This club is an up to date, stylish, and fresh way for students to express themselves. 

Jazz/Rock Ensemble:
To get students involved in playing jazz and enjoying music.

Modern Dance Company:
The purpose of this organization shall be first to offer to women and men students the opportunity for creative dance study, composition, and performance, and to stimulate interest in artistic and creative dance and to foster standards of performance, appreciation, and understanding of dance as an Art Form in the community.

No Label Royalty (Fashion Design):
The purpose of this organization is to bring creativity and excitement of the “fashion world” to the Lock Haven University campus and community through activities consisting of fashion shows, informational workshops, and other events. The organization will also place a strong emphasis on leadership and team building through community service.

Revamp Dance Crew:
The purpose of this organization is to offer men and women the opportunity for creative dance, composition, and performance with social dance styles.

University Choir:
For people who come together for the mutual inspiration and pleasure which is derived from choral singing.  Choir also acquaints students with a wide variety of choral music.

University Band:
To provide all band students with the opportunity to increase their musicianship through the medium of both marching and symphonic styles.  Our aim is to suppose the football team, supply school spirit, and bring entertainment and education to the campus community and the community at large.

University Players:
To constitute a medium through which the University community may express itself in the theatrical arts.

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