Withdrawal from the University 


Students who wish to completely withdraw from the university must complete the withdrawal process by submitting the withdrawal form

Students who wish to withdraw from a single course can withdraw themselves until the week before finals begin by logging in to myHaven, going to the "Student" tab, and clicking on "Course Schedule and Registration". 

Undergraduate Withdrawal from the University 

A student who is registered in courses for any semester or summer or winter session is considered to be an enrolled student to receive grades and to be assessed tuition, fees, and any other applicable charges.

A student who is unable to attend classes or complete the semester for any reason must request a withdrawal from the university by completing the withdrawal/not returning form.  Upon withdrawing, all current semester courses will be withdrawn and future semester courses will be cancelled. The student will be required to complete the readmission process in order to return for a future semester.

Although not required, students are encouraged to consult with the instructor to verify their grades and status in the course, and to meet with their advisor to discuss the potential benefits and concerns of withdrawing from a particular course.

Students should be aware that withdrawing from one or more courses may result in consequences related to academic progress, financial aid, and/or related areas and should seek advising accordingly.

Effective Date
The effective date of the withdrawal is the date which is verified by Registrar's Office as the last date of class attendance. The effective date of the withdrawal will determine the grade to be recorded on the academic record and the amount of tuition, fees, and other charges to be refunded, if applicable. Refunds will be processed according to the university’s refund schedule.


After the add/drop period is completed, and continuing until the final instructional day of the semester prior to finals, a student may withdraw from a course and a grade of "W" will be recorded on the transcript and remain as part of the student’s permanent academic record.  The deadline to withdraw from the university without academic penalty is on the academic calendar.  Withdrawing after this published date will be with academic penalty, “E” grades.  University withdrawals will not be processed retroactively. Therefore, it is important for the student to contact the university upon deciding to discontinue enrollment. A student who does not officially withdraw will receive failing grades and be responsible for all financial obligations.


Medical Withdrawals
In the event of a serious medical condition, a medical withdrawal may be requested. Students must submit the medical verification form and provide documentation from a medical professional to avoid failing  grades.  A medical withdrawal does not imply forgiveness of charges (see refund schedule below).  If a medical withdrawal is granted, “W” grades will be awarded. 

Medical withdrawals must be requested immediately but no later than thirty (30) days after the close of the semester in which the student seeks medical attention.  A student who receives a Medical Withdrawal will be required to submit a medical Reinstatement Certification from a medical professional in order to return the semester immediately following the withdrawal or the student must sit out a semester (fall or spring).  A student may not receive approval for more than two consecutive medical withdrawal semesters.


Student Called to Active Military Duty
A student who is called to active duty (confirmed by official military orders from the President of United States or the Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, reference BOG Policy 1983-19-A) should contact Student Success Center at 570-484-2345 or StudentSuccess@lockhaven.edu.  In some cases, a student may have completed a sufficient part of his courses to be able to receive grades or
incompletes rather than withdrawing.  The student must decide whether he/she will attempt to complete the courses or withdraw completely from the semester/session.  If the student chooses a complete withdrawal, the entire semester will be removed from his/her record.  This decision is binding.  Military withdrawals are to be requested immediately upon receipt of orders but no later than thirty (30) days
after the close of the semester in which the student receives orders.


Withdrawal from Web-Based Courses
The last date of attendance for a web-based course will be provided by the Office of Information Technology. All activity in a web-based course will be considered (i.e. reviewing the syllabus, participating in discussions/chats, submitting assignments, completing a quiz or exam, etc.)


Refund Schedule
No withdrawal, including a medical withdrawal, implies forgiveness of financial obligations. A student who has incurred charges will be subject to the published refund schedule. The university’s refund schedule is available at http://www.lockhaven.edu/studentaccounts/.


Withdrawal Appeals
Any appeal related to a withdrawal must be submitted in writing to the Registrar within ten days of notification of action.  Appeals will be reviewed by a committee consisting of the Registrar, Director of Financial Aid, and the Vice President for Enrollment Management.  If the committee is unable to reach a decision, the issue will be forwarded to the Provost.

Graduate Course and University Withdrawal

During the fall and spring semesters, after the schedule change period and continuing until the end of the tenth week of the semester, if a student withdraws from a course, a grade of "W" will be recorded. As a means of notification to the instructor of the intent to withdraw, a student is required to obtain the instructor's signature and the signature of the program coordinator on the withdrawal form. No withdrawals will normally be permitted after the end of the tenth week of the semester. For summer sessions and courses not taught on a regular semester basis, the Registrar will prorate the date appropriately.

Prior to the last week of classes, in exceptional circumstances, for compelling, justified and documented reasons, the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research may waive these restrictions. Poor academic performance will not constitute grounds for late withdrawal. If withdrawal is granted after the deadline, the grade is W providing the student is passing the course, and E otherwise.

A limit of two (2) withdrawals during the degree program will be permitted. Re-registration for withdrawn courses requires the approval of the program coordinator.

Students withdrawing from the university may exceed the two course withdrawal limit. Faculty are encouraged to include the university late withdrawal policy on the syllabus distributed to students at the beginning of the semester.

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