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Placing a Bid

Lock Haven University moved away from paper-based bidding in favor of electronic procurement via the State System's eProcurement Exchange. In order to provide fair, open and efficient opportunities for all suppliers interested in doing business with the State System, we ask all potential suppliers to register at the eProcurement Exchange. Registration is free and takes only a few minutes to complete. Once registered, suppliers may view solicitation documents, receive solicitation notifications, and submit confidential online bids and proposals.

LHU Bid Opportunities

Please be advised that all responses to these procurement opportunities are subject to the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law, 65 P.S. §§ 67.101-3104. The Right-to-Know Law permits any requestor to inspect and/or copy any record prepared and maintained or received in the course of the operation of a public office or agency that is not subject to the enumerated exceptions. Should you elect to submit a bid and it becomes the subject of a Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law request, you will be asked by the University to identify all financial, privileged, confidential, and proprietary information that is included in your proposal. This information may be exempt from disclosure in responses to a request.

The University publicly advertises and bids all purchases over $21,000.  Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and encourages bid requests from minorities, women, veterans and persons with disabilities.

Lock Haven University reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids for any or no reason.

Viewing Proposed Sole Sources and Emergency Purchase Orders

View proposed Sole Sources and proposed Emergency Purchase Order (EPOs) at PASSHE's eProcurement Exchange

Searching Tip: To find 'Sole Source' or 'Emergency (EPO)' Bids, use the BID TYPE NAME filter.


Sole Source

A contract may be awarded for a supply, service or construction item, without the necessity of a formal competitive process, when the Contracting Officer determines in writing that one (1) of the following statutory conditions exists:

  • Only a single contractor is capable of providing the supply, service or construction; or
  • A federal or state statute or federal regulation exempts the supply, service or construction from competitive procurements; or
  • The total cost of the supply, service or construction is less than the amount established by the State System for small, no-bid procurements as dictated by the policy on small procurements; or
  • It is clearly not feasible to award the contract for supplies, services or construction on a competitive basis; or
  • The services involve the repair, modification or calibration of equipment and the services are to be performed by the manufacturer of the equipment or by the manufacturer’s authorized dealer, provided the Contracting Officer determines that bidding is not appropriate under the circumstances; or
  • The contract for supplies, services or construction is in the best interest of the Commonwealth.

Emergency Contracts

Emergency Contracts are permissible when the Contracting Officer determines that there is a threat to public health, safety and welfare or circumstances outside the control of the University create an urgency of need which necessitates the suspension of normal bidding and review requirements.

When possible, at least two (2) bids should be secured. These do not have to be in writing. However, written determination of the basis for the emergency and for the selection of the contractor must be included in the contract file and sent in the form of a certification when the contract is submitted for legal review after the work is completed.

The following items are required for all Emergency Contracts:

  •  Written Scope of Work
  • Contractor’s written documentation of its bid
  • Performance and Payment Bonds (if required)
  • Prevailing Wage Determination (if required)

Vendor Policies

The University's Purchasing Office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays. You may contact our office at (570) 484-2976, or by fax at (570) 484-2844 or via e-mail at or Vendors should contact the office to make appointments in advance to ensure staff will be able to meet with you.

Methods of Procurement

Standard Purchase Orders:  This is the basic purchasing document for procurement of supplies and equipment for a one time purchase.

Service Purchase Contracts: Used for straightforward purchases of services, including but not limited to, rental of equipment; installation of equipment purchased; maintenance of equipment; consultants; speakers and program evaluators; temporary use of lodging and conference facilities. 

Blanket Purchase Orders: Issued for multiple purchases from one vendor throughout the fiscal year. Vendor should invoice each time an order is placed against this blanket order and reference the Blanket Purchase Order Number on all invoices.

Procurement (Visa) Card:  University credit card provided to employees based on their need to purchase business-related goods.

Please be advised that it is the University's policy to purchase either on the basis of a written purchase order, a Service Purchase Contract or a Lock Haven University (Visa) credit card. These are the only authorized methods of purchase for the University.

If you provide goods or services based on an unauthorized request, the University cannot guarantee payment of the resulting invoice.  If you have any questions concerning the validity of a request for purchase from your business, please contact the Purchasing Office at 570-484-2976.   Please know that the Purchasing Office is available to answer your questions.

Purchase Orders

Terms and Conditions

Order is acceptable only at the prices stated. Any price or quantity changes other than small deviations should be approved by the Purchasing Office prior to shipment of goods. No changes are allowed for packing, reels or crating unless specified on the order. Shipment must be delivered by the date specified. Goods delivered will be inspected on receipt and if found defective, or not in accordance with specifications, will be returned at vendor's expense.

Service Purchase Contract

Terms and Conditions

Bidding Standards

Bidding is done on the basis of the professional judgment of the Purchasing Office dependent upon an estimate of the savings which may be realized for the University. Written or oral bids may be solicited. For purchases up to $21,000, an oral or written quotation may be solicited. For purchases over $19,700, sealed bids are required by law and opened at a public bid opening.

Payment Terms

The University's standard payment terms are Net 30 days.

Sales Tax

Lock Haven University is an instrumentality of the Commonwealth and is exempt from all excise taxes.

Lock Haven University is exempt from provisions of Fair Trade laws and the Pennsylvania Sales Tax. The Sales and Use Tax Regulations provide that exemption certificates are not required for sales made to government entities. Exemption certificates will not be issued.

Invoicing the University

All invoices must be sent to:

Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
Accounts Payable Office - East Campus
301 West Church Street, Room J211
Lock Haven, PA 17745

The Purchase Order or Service Purchase Contract number must be shown on all invoices.

Shipping to the University

All deliveries must be sent to:

Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
Central Receiving - Hursh-Nevel Building
26 Susquehanna Avenue
Lock Haven, PA 17745
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday

Please note: All packages, delivery slips, and correspondence must reference a university purchase order number so that purchase order and packing list may be traced to your invoice. The name of the shipper and pertinent shipping information should be identified on all shipments.

Contact Us

Procurement Department

 Becky Proctor, Director
J211 East Campus
(570) 484-2976
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