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The Lock Haven Department of Media & Journalism is the place to improve your storytelling through a variety of exciting media. Here, we will enable you to work in the ever-growing media industry with four tracks allowing you to specialize in Emergent Media, Media Production, Public Relations/Strategic Communication, or Journalism. With each track specialization and our core curriculum, you will become a well-rounded storyteller by taking classes in digital storytelling, video editing, social media, and journalism with professional technology, equipment, and software. 

Media & Journalism students at LHU will learn a range of production styles from multi-camera studio, to single camera film, as well as how to write for multiple media outlets. Plus, on our beautiful campus, you get to participate in our valuable student media organizations such as our student run newspaper The Eagle Eye, television station HavenScope, and radio station crew WLHU.

In our program at LHU, you will also get to know your professors personally. The Media & Journalism Faculty provide you one-on-one feedback and interaction by treading you like a person, not a product. Your dreams are just a few clicks away. We look forward to hearing from you soon and cannot wait to see what stories you will tell here in the LHU Media & Journalism family.

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Program Overview

CU Degree Requirements (Effective Fall 2023)

CU Degree Requirements*

*Please see the CU degree requirements effective Fall 2023. All enrolled students can also review their degree program requirements and track progress to degree completion in Degree Works.

Media Production LH Degree Requirements (Effective Prior to Fall 2023)

This track will unleash your creativity through producing memorable audio and video narratives for online outlets, television, film, and radio. Track courses will help you master your production technology, writing, editing, and on-air performance skills. Whether you want to be the next huge influencer or filmmaker, this track will teach you professional production techniques and tactics in a variety of outlets such as short-form narrative, entertainment, news, sports, and comedy sketches.

Media Production Track
MEDIA 370 Advanced Digital Video Production
MEDIA 371 Digital Video Editing
MEDIA 372 Audio Storytelling
MEDIA 373 Visual Storytelling
MEDIA 470 Media Production Workshop
MEDIA 471 Advanced Video Editing

Emergent Media LH Degree Requirements (Effective Prior to Fall 2023)

This track prepares you to produce eye-catching content designed for the web and other new audio-visual outlets. Track courses will help you master writing and design for emergent forms of media, focusing on how to communicate effective visuals for an ever-growing audience. Truly focused on interactive content, Emergent Media track students will become digital wizards at all types of new media that develop in our field.

Emergent Media Track
MEDIA 220 Introduction to Multimedia
MEDIA 221 Podcasting and Social Media
MEDIA 222 Introduction to Visual Communication
MEDIA 320 Social Media Analytics
MEDIA 420 Emergent Media Workshop

Public Relations / Strategic Communication LH Degree Requirements (Effective Prior to Fall 2023)

This track enables you to develop brands and persuade others with public relations, advertising, and strategic communication content. Track courses will help you master relevant persuasive skills in copywriting, designing, public relations writing, and more. Skills taught include developing ad and PR campaigns, creative writing, design skills, and market research methods. Whether you want to help design captivating messages for other companies or start your own business, this is the track for you.

Public Relations/Strategic Com Track
MEDIA 350 Public Relations Tactics
MEDIA 351 Writing for Public Relations
MEDIA 352 Strategic Communications
MEDIA 450 Public Relations Workshop
MEDIA 451 Public Relations Cases & Problems

Journalism LH Degree Requirements (Effective Prior to Fall 2023)

This track trains you for a career as an ethical, truth-seeking journalist for traditional media and new media outlets. If your dreams are to become a reporter, editor, publisher, copy writer, or non-fiction writer, this track will help you realize them. Journalism Track students will gain a strong foundation in factual writing in preparation to take on the world one story at a time. You’ll hone your news judgement skills, learn numerous writing styles, and acquire copy editing and media design skills with strong involvement of our student journalism media.

Journalism Track
MEDIA 241 Multimedia Journalism
MEDIA 340 Storytelling for Journalism
MEDIA 341 Advanced News Journalism
MEDIA 440 Journalism Workshop
MEDIA 441 In Print: Publication from Concept to Design

Media Core Courses LH Degree Requirements (Effective Prior to Fall 2023)

Media Core Requirements 

MEDIA 110 Intro to Mass Communications
MEDIA 115 Writing for the Mass Media
MEDIA 120 Introduction to Emergent Media
MEDIA 240 News & Democracy
MEDIA 250 Public Relations Theory & Practice
MEDIA 270 Digital Video Production
MEDIA 390 Media Law & Ethics
MEDIA 391 Research Methods in Mass Communication
MEDIA 497 Capstone (Senior Seminar)
MEDIA 498 Internship in Mass Communications

Media Electives LH Degree Requirements (Effective Prior to Fall 2023)

Media Elective Options

MEDIA 210 Cinema Appreciation
MEDIA 310 Sport, Media & Society
MEDIA 315 Media Programming and Management
MEDIA 410 Media & Culture


Faculty Image
“As a proud alum of this program, I was able to achieve my media dreams of working in a variety of media careers like video editing, journalism, public relations, and comedy writing. I would not have been able to do any of that without the valuable professors I had at Lock Haven, and now I’m here to help you achieve yours,” - Dr. Matthew McKeague
Radio ShowNews Editing

Unleash Your Media Creativity

Podcast Show
Secure an Internship in Media

Industry experience gives our Media & Journalism students a leg-up on their future competition in the job market. Though not required to graduate, we help our students locate internships that best suit their needs as a full 3-credit class replacement that often get our interns job offers before their semester is even over. Recent students have interned with:

  • The Discovery Channel
  • BET Network
  • XM Satellite Radio
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates
  • The Philadelphia Sixers
  • The American Red Cross
  • Sherman Advertising Associates
  • GreenLightGo
  • LHU Athletics Department
  • LHU Marketing
  • Lock Haven Express
Career Outcomes

As a hands-on and engaging major, you will interact with other storytellers to prepare for exciting careers such as:

  • Video Producer / Filmmaker
  • Online content creator
  • Social media strategist
  • Podcaster
  • Influencer
  • Journalist
  • Sportscaster

Our recent graduates have found success in the following careers:

  • Video Editor – WTAJ (Altoona)
  • Senior Video Producer—Center City Film & Video
  • Digital Graphics Producer — WPVI (Philadelphia)
  • Senior Editorial Director — I-5 Publishing
  • Director of Federal Government Affairs — KPMG LLP
  • Vice President, Customer and Market Strategy – Highmark Incorporated
Media & Journalism Dept. Technology


All students in the program receive free software in the entire Adobe Creative Suite from day one of enrolling until they graduate. Students will have access to the following industry-standard production software such as:

  • Premiere Pro
  • Photoshop
  • AfterEffects
  • Audition
  • And more!


Our TV studio is fully digitized with industry-standard equipment that enables students to tell professional stories and captivate audiences. Here, you will learn hands-on production skills in small classroom settings, crafting projects with our three Blackmagic 4K studio cameras and TriCaster video switcher. This technology will give you the background needed to create a variety of content for broadcast and new media outlets. Students may use this studio outside of classroom to produce their own projects and shows!


Our cozy digital radio station features a 5-microphone setup in two spacious rooms with movable mic arms and headsets. Here, students are able to play music directly from their computers or phones and host their own shows or podcasts. These shows broadcast directly to the Internet, and students can even take calls live and put them on the air.


With our production kits, all Media & Journalism students can use a variety of technology to shoot projects outside of the classroom. Each kit is equipped with a camera, boom microphone, LED 3-panel light kit, and all necessary accessories. Also available in our equipment room is a MAVIC 2 Pro drone, three axis gimbal mobile journalism kits, and more.


Media & Journalism has access to three computer labs on campus, one for journalistic writing and audio editing, one for high-powered video editing, and one reserved for our campus newspaper The Eagle Eye.

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