Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Adapt and grow to meet the world’s demands

Math is the universal language. It’s spoken in science, business, medicine, engineering, national security, and cybersecurity. It's all around us, serving as the integral thread to how and why so much in our world functions.


Mathematics (B.S.)

The mathematics program provides you with the background and preparation needed to succeed in graduate school, while also developing your logical and problem-solving skills which are needed for upper-level jobs in business and industry. This program has courses in all of the major areas of mathematics to prepare you for graduate studies, including some nontraditional offerings like theory of computation and modern geometry.





Applied Mathematics (B.S.)

The applied mathematics program provides you with the mathematical and analytical skills needed for success in upper-level jobs in business and industry, while also providing you the opportunity to choose your applied courses based on your interests. Some common choices are data science, finance, computer science, education, physics, engineering, digital forensics, cybersecurity, chemistry, economics, and business. This program offers the full breadth of applied classes for the modern world, including machine learning, cryptography, biostatistics, and actuarial science.



Mathematics Minor
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Mathematics and
Applied Mathematics

Galaxies, planets, and light move through space according to the metric tensors of differential geometry. Finance and investment models are built upon calculus. Drug resistance in cancers is described by differential equations, and cellular division follows the rules set by the mathematics of entropy. Distribution of energy in the modern world requires advanced integrals from calculus. Code breakers and cryptologists use a broad array of mathematics to make our electronic communications safer and more secure.

The growing demands of science, business, medicine, and engineering require new mathematical ideas. Businesses, governments, and universities all around the world employ mathematicians to solve urgent problems. As our understanding of the universe, the world, and the human body grows, the need for creative new mathematical ideas also grows. Be an important member of the problem-solving communities in industry, government, science, and mathematics research. With a mathematics degree, you'll be able to adapt and grow to meet the world’s demands.

  • Math Club: The math department is home to an active Math Club. Each year, the club volunteers at the Children’s Festival held on LHU’s campus. In addition, its yearly activities include trips to math conferences where the topics range from the mathematics behind magic to constructing puzzles.
  • LHU SMART Center: The SMART Center serves as a resource for education majors (science, mathematics, elementary education), and mathematics and science majors. The purpose of the center is to provide a facility for students, faculty, and teachers to collaborate on research projects and on the improvement of the teaching and learning of mathematics and science. The center is equipped with:
    • Computers
    • Mathematical software (Minitab, Mathematica, Geometer Sketchpad)
    • Teaching manipulatives (attribute blocks, geoboards, base-10 blocks, geometric solids, mathematics puzzles and games)
    • Textbooks for lesson plans and unit plans
    • Smart board
  • Careers: A degree in math will prepare you for work in business, industry, government, the actuarial profession, or graduate work. Our recent graduates have gone to work or pursued graduate studies in places like:
    • Keane group
    • All State Insurance
    • University of Pittsburg
    • University of Michigan
    • Western Michigan University

  • Facilities:  Faculty deliver courses in technology-enhanced classrooms with vast multimedia capabilities.  Students can access open computer labs and campus wireless network when using personally-owned devices.  Students can request technology resources from Stevenson Library, Media Services.


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Math and Applied Math

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