Applying for Study Abroad

Know Before You Go

For many students the thought of studying abroad can be an intimidating one. Here you will find some general information on a four topics listed below.

  • The Application Process and Pre-Departure
  • Financial Issues
  • Overseas
  • Coming Back

The Application Process and Pre-Departure

Who is eligible to study abroad?

All Lock Haven University students enrolled in full-time courses and non-Lock Haven University students who pay tuition directly to our university are welcome to apply. All applicants are required to have a cumulative GPA of 2.5, and they must also have completed at least 24 credits.

In what countries can I study?

Lock Haven University maintains partnerships with universities in more than 20 different countries. Some of the most popular destinations to study abroad include: Australia, China, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, and Spain.

Can I student teach overseas?

Yes, in collaboration with the College of Education and Human Service, student teaching programs are available for our students in Uganda and South Korea.

When are the application deadlines to study abroad?

In order to study abroad for the fall semester your application should be submitted by March 1st. The deadline for spring semester programs is October 1st. Summer programs have different deadlines, but generally require a deposit by the middle of January.

I do not speak a second language. Will I still be able to study abroad?

Yes, many of our programs do not require you to speak a second language fluently. For example, you can complete all of your coursework in Austria, Brazil, China, Finland, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Spain in English.

Who can provide letters of recommendation for me?

Three letters of recommendation are required to complete your application. Your advisor, resident director, and/or any of your professors can complete the recommendation forms for you. It is important that you ask individuals to provide letters of recommendation that know you well.

When will I learn whether I have been accepted to a study abroad program?

Notification letters are generally mailed within three weeks after each deadline.

How do I register for classes overseas?

After you receive your acceptance letter to study abroad, simply stop by our office. We will assist you in scheduling your overseas classes.

Will I need a passport and/or visa?

You will need to have a passport to study abroad. Some countries require you to also obtain a visa from their embassy before you can travel to their country. The information on how to acquire a passport and visas (if necessary) will be given at the orientation programs organized for students accepted to study abroad.

Financial Issues

How much will it cost me to study abroad?

All of Lock Haven Universities programs require you to pay standard full-time tuition and fees directly to our university, plus an additional $150 study abroad fee. You will also need to pay for your flight to and from the host country. Room and board expenses will vary depending upon the university whee you study. In most instances, you will pay this amount directly to the host university or directly to a private provider. Room and board charges are usually very similar to Lock Haven's. They are slightly more in some countries and slightly less in others. The changing value of the U.S. dollar accounts for much of this difference.

How can I pay for room and board charges at the university WHERE I study abroad?

All of the universities will accept cash payments or bank transfers. Some will accept credit cards and travelers checks for payment.

Will my financial aid continue if I study abroad?

Yes, most financial aid will continue to apply while you study abroad. While you will not be on our campus during your study abroad experience, you will remain a Lock Haven student and nearly all of your aid should apply.

How much spending money will I need?

This depends upon how much you plan to travel while studying abroad, where you are studying abroad, and your usual spending habits. The issue will be discussed in detail at the study abroad orientation sessions.


Can I work while studying abroad?

In most countries it is illegal for you to work. You will want to spend your free time abroad experiencing the country and culture that you are visiting.

Do I have to live in the residence halls provided by the university or can I find my own housing?

Yes, you must live in the host university's approved housing, whether it be a residence hall, homestay, or shared apartment. The specific information for each of the partner universities and their housing arrangements are available on the fact sheets.

Can I open a bank account in the country I am studying? Is it recommended?

In most cases it will be legal for you to open a bank account in the country that you are studying. Where this is the case, the CGE strongly advises you to open an account and keep your money there.

Should I take US dollars or should I take travelers checks?

The CGE suggests that you take only small amounts of US dollars and local currency with you. In most countries, it will be possible to access your US bank account with a MAC/ ATM (or similar) card.

Do I need health insurance while I am abroad?

It is mandatory that you have health insurance while studying abroad. Students accepted to study abroad will receive further information about various insurance programs and levels of necessary coverage at the orientation sessions. For more information regarding health insurance while studying abroad, go to the Travel Insurance Review.

Coming Back

Will all of my credits transfer back to Lock Haven after studying abroad?

Yes, your grades and credits will be sent to the CGE directly from the partner university where you studied.

How long will it take to receive my grades?

Grading systems are different in every country and sometimes between universities in the same country. It will take several weeks to transfer your grades to our student system and have them entered at the Lock Haven University Office of Enrollment Services. The delay in receiving your grades from your study abroad site can occasionally result in up to a four month delay in your grades being recorded at the Office of Enrollment Services.

Can I extend my study abroad experience?

Generally, it is possible to extend your study abroad experience for an additional semester. If you wish to continue your study abroad experience, please contact Rosana Campbell at the CGE as soon as possible. You can e-mail at: 

How do I register for classes for my next semester at LHU while I am abroad?

You will need to work closely with your LHU advisor via e-mail while you are abroad to select and enroll on-line for the necessary courses to complete your program of study at LHU. It can be very helpful if you make tentative selections of these courses before you leave to study abroad.

How do I register for LHU housing for when I return from studying abroad?

Our advice is to register before leaving to study abroad. Make sure the housing office knows you are going to study abroad in a particular semester/year and that you intend to return to on-campus housing.

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