Health and Physical Education

The Health and Physical Education program will prepare you to teach grades K-12, or to work in a number of fields from coaching and aquatics, to facilitating health and wellness programs in correctional settings.

What You'll Study

Course Descriptions for Health & Physical Education

 CU Degree Requirements (Effective Fall 2023)

K-12 (Dual Certification)

*Please see the CU degree requirements effective Fall 2023. All enrolled students can also review their degree program requirements and track progress to degree completion in Degree Works.

LH Degree Requirements (Effective Prior to Fall 2023)

Course Descriptions for Health & Physical Education

BSEd Degree Health & PE K-12 Teacher Certification

LHU’s state and nationally accredited program will prepare you to become a certified health and physical education teacher for grades K-12. This track offers extensive hands-on professional development activities. These learning experiences occur in a variety of educational settings.

Topics covered include:

  • Sport and Fitness Related Teaching Methods Courses
  • Health Related Content
  • Early Hands-on Teaching Experiences


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Student Learning Outcomes


Instructional Facilities

BS Degree Concentration PE & Sport in Correctional Settings

Feedback from many recent graduates prompted the department to develop this track. With a high demand for professionals in the area of health and physical education, graduates can find employment in county, state, federal, and private correctional settings. The field experience for this track is completed in a correctional setting.

Topics covered include:

  • Physical Education and Sport in the Correctional Institution
  • Management and Leadership of Sport
  • Therapeutic Recreation Methods and Techniques


Student Learning Outcomes

Instructional Facilities[BROKEN LINK]

BS Degree Concentration in Aquatics

You may choose to either follow the aquatics track or to minor in aquatics. No matter which path you choose, you’ll become an expert in the area of aquatics with the capacity to earn a number of certifications. Graduates often find jobs in health and fitness facilities, sport settings, or as aquatics program administrators.

Topics covered include:

  • Teaching Lifetime Activities
  • Advanced Techniques/Coaching Swimming/Diving
  • Management of Aquatics Programs and Facilities



Instructional Facilities[BROKEN LINK]

BS Degree Concentration in Coaching

Whether taking up the coaching track or minor, the combination of courses from sport administration and health and physical education will prepare you for a number of careers in sport.

 CU Degree Requirements (Effective Fall 2023)


LH Degree Requirements (Effective Prior to Fall 2023)




Minors in Health & PE
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Program Highlights

  • Early Clinical Teaching and Observation Experiences: Health and Physical Education students complete field experiences in PK-12 schools during freshman year and are expected to engage in practical teaching experiences each semester in which they plan and implement their own lessons related to courses in which they are enrolled. Other opportunities are provided for majors to gain practical teaching experiences with PK-12 students with and without disabilities. These early clinical teaching experiences and observation opportunities in schools provide an early comfort level for students to develop and grow during their program at LHU so that they are ready to teach upon graduation.
  • Blocked Classes: The Bachelor of Science in Education in Health and Physical Education at LHU provides students a Professional Semester of blocked classes during the fall semester of senior year just prior to Student Teaching.   These blocked courses include subject-specific “methods” courses related to both Health Education and Physical Education with practical field experiences with PK-12 students as well as courses focusing on curriculum, assessment, managing students.
  • Student Teaching: Beginning in your sophomore year, you will participate in a variety of experiences. Over the course of four years, you will spend 60 semester hours in public schools and other career related environments. Education majors complete two student teaching placements during their senior year. You are also encouraged to student teach abroad at any of our partner universities.
  • Scholarships: From honorariums to full-tuition waivers, scholarships exist to reward your hard work and dedication to the major. Find more information here.
  • Mentorship Program: A mentorship program between first year students and current successful junior and senior health and physical education majors helps you become acclimated to the college atmosphere and to learn the ropes of the program.
  • Careers: With a degree in health and physical education, you can gain employment as a health and/or physical education teacher in a K-12 setting. But the opportunities don’t end there. Many coaching positions exist for all educational levels, including higher education. Graduates also work in the following areas:
    • Health Clubs
    • Sport, Physical Activity and Recreational Programs in Correctional Facilities
    • YMCA and Sport Facility programs
    • Aquatics Programs and Facilities

  • Facilities:  Students complete teaching methods courses in one of three gymnasium spaces in Zimmerli Gymnasium as well as Rogers Gymnasium a few steps from Zimmerli.  Students complete a required swimming course in a state-of-the art swimming pool in Zimmerli Gymnasium as well.  Students also have access to view their own lessons they teach and set improvement goals using software-generated teaching and learning patterns in the HPE Assessment and Pedagogy Lab in Zimmerli.  Faculty deliver courses in technology-enhanced classrooms with vast multimedia capabilities.  Students can access open computer labs and campus wireless network when using personally-owned devices.  Students can request technology resources from Stevenson Library, Media Services.


Featured Program Faculty

full list of FACULTY


Brett Everhart Image
Dr. Brett Everhart
Dr. Kim Everhart
Eaton Image
Ms. Michelle Eaton
Dr. Cengiz Yakut

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