Housing Selection for New Students

Find Your Nest!

Your college experience will be more successful the more you actively participate in our campus community. With hundreds of social, recreational, and educational programs and events right outside your door, you’ll find by living on campus there’s no better way to meet new people, share experiences, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Reminders and Important Information

  • 2-year residency requirement reminder: all new full-time undergraduate students must live on-campus for their first two years as part of the residency requirement. New full-time undergraduate students are not permitted to live off-campus during their first two years unless they have an approved exemption. Students under obligation of the 2-year residence requirement who do not complete this process and select housing, or do no have an approved exemption, will automatically be matched with roommates and assigned housing by the Office of Housing and Residence Life. 

  • Any student who signs and submits a housing application but does not finish the housing selection process will be assigned to a room and roommate automatically by Housing & Residence Life.

  • Once the housing selection process has been completed, students are unable to make changes in Housing & Dining Self-Service. Please contact Housing & Residence Life via email to make changes to your meal plan, room assignment, or roommate. 

  • Each housing application, also known as a Housing and Food Service Licensing Agreement, is a legally binding document that applies to the entire academic year. By completing and submitting it, you are stating you have read, understood, and accept the terms and conditions.

  • Students who live in on-campus housing are required to purchase a meal plan


Housing Selection Dates

To be eligible to participate in Housing Selection for New Students, new Fall 2023 admits must first pay the Admissions Deposit and receive their LHU log-in information.

Opening Thursday, May 18, 2023, at 9:00 a.m.

  • Step1: Create Your Housing Profile
  • Step 2: Sign Your Housing Agreement & Pick Your Meal Plan

Opening Thursday, June 1, 2023, at 9:00 a.m.

  • Step 3: Declare Your Roommate
  • Step 4: Select Your Room


MyHousing Self-Service

Each step of Housing Selection for New Students is completed online in My Housing Self-Service. Log in to MyHousing Self-Service using your LHU email and password prior to following the instructions for each step below. 

MyHousing Self-Service


Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1: Create Your Housing Profile
  • Click Your Personal Information in the navigation bar.
    • Don't see the navigation bar on the left side of your screen? Click the  Three horizontal line menu icon  menu icon in the top left corner of your screen to open it.
  • Click My Info in the Your Personal Information sub-menu.
  • At the top where For the Term is displayed, make sure Fall 2023 is listed. If not, click on the Inverted triangle dropdown menu icon drop-down menu icon to select it.
  • Answer all  questions and click the Save button at the bottom.
  • Go back to the Your Personal Information sub-menu and click Addresses/Contacts.
  • In the Addresses section, click the  Pencil edit icon  edit icon to enter your permanent home address information. Then click the Save button.
  • In the Contacts* section, click the  Pencil edit icon  edit icon to enter your emergency contact information. Then click the Save button.

IMPORTANT: If you are under the age of 18 when you start New Student Housing Selection, your parent or guardian will need to complete the Parental Verification steps. The parent or guardian you list in the Contacts section of Step 1 will receive an email with instructions after you complete STEP 2. 

Step 2: Sign Your Housing Agreement & Pick Your Meal Plan
  • Click Applications in the navigation bar.

  • In the sub-menu, click on the name of the application you wish to complete. Only complete one application!

TIP: The application you sign and submit will determine what rooms/suites/apartments you can see and select when it's time to pick your room. If you're not sure which application to complete, click here to learn more about each application type. 

  • Read through the Housing and Food Service License Agreement thoroughly.
    • If you do not agree, click the exit the application here link.
    • If you agree, sign your name by:
      • Selecting Enter your full name  and then click where it says "Enter your full name" to type in your name. A hand drawn signature will be generated for you in the signature box.
      • Selecting the Use the signature pad option and then click inside the signature box to draw your own signature using your mouse, touch pad, or finger.
  • Click the Continue button to move on to the next screen.
  • Answer all questions on the My Information screen and click the Continue button at the bottom.
  • If you need to make any changes, click the  Pencil edit icon  edit icon in the applicable section, type in your updates, and then click the Save button.
  • On the Addresses/Contacts screen, make sure all information is correct before clicking the Continue button at the bottom.
  • On the Dining Plan screen, find the meal plan that fits your needs. Each meal plan comes with either $250 FLEX or $300 FLEX. Select your preferred meal plan with your preferred amount of FLEX.
  • Click Submit to finish signing up to live on campus for the 2023-2024 academic year!
Step 3: Declare Your Roommate
  • Click Room Selection in the navigation bar.
  • Click Select A Roommate in the Room Selection sub-menu.
  • At the top where For the Term is displayed, make sure Fall 2023 is selected by clicking on the Dropdown menu icon dropdown menu icon.
  • Click on Search For A Roommate to expand this section.
  • Find a roommate searching either by name of by living preferences:

Know who you want your roommate to be?

  1. Enter the student’s first OR last name (do not enter both) into the search field leaving the rest of the search fields blank.

    Make sure you use the student’s legal first name, not a nickname, and that the spelling is correct.

  2. Click the Begin Search button.
  3. Locate the person in the search results and click the Request Roommate button at the bottom of the student's profile.

Looking for a roommate?

  1. For your first search, do not answer any questions. Doing this will give you the names of every student who completed Step 1 and Step 2 above, and is also looking for a roommate.
  2. Click the Begin Search button.
  3. Browse the search results until you find someone who sounds like they would be a good fit.

    If you receive too many results, scroll back up to the Search for a Roommate section and answer one (and only one) question before clicking the Begin Search button to update the search results. If you still receive too many results, continue to add an additional question until you have a smaller list of possible roommates.

  4. Click the Request Roommate button at the bottom of the student’s profile.

Pending Roommate Requests

Roommate requests must be accepted in order to complete Step 3. You can check for, and accept, pending roommate requests as follows:

  • Click Room Selection in the navigation bar.
  • Click Select A Roommate in the Room Selection sub-menu.
  • At the top where For the Term is displayed, make sure Fall 2023 is selected by clicking on the Inverted triangle dropdown menu icon dropdown menu icon.
  • Click on Pending Roommate Requests to expand this section.
  • Click the  Three dots in a vertical line more options icon  more options icon in front of the person’s name whose roommate request you want to accept.
  • Click the Plus sign with a person add icon match icon to accept the roommate request.
Step 4: Select Your Room

TIP: If you're selecting a room with a roommate, only one of you needs to log in to Housing & Dining Self-Service to complete Step 4. We encourage students whose roommates may be selecting for them to go into MyHousing and confirm that they were placed in the correct spot during the room selection process.

  • Click Room Selection in the navigation bar.
  • Click Select a Room/Suite in the Room Selection sub-menu.
  • Click on Search From Room List to expand this section.
  • Click the Search Available Rooms button.
  • Scroll down to the residence hall where you want to live (residence halls are listed in alphabetical order).
  • Look through the list of available rooms (available rooms appear in room number order by floor).
    • Click the Roster button to see the names of students who have already signed up to live on that floor.
    • Click the View Floor Plan link to see where the room is located on that floor.
  • Click the Select Room/Suite button to select the room you want.
  • Review your selection to verify the listed roommate (if applicable) and room are correct.
  • Click the Submit button to complete Housing Selection for New Students!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is housing selection?

The housing selection process allows students to select their housing assignment for the upcoming academic year. The process involves signing a housing agreement, which is a legally binding document. 


What is the length of my housing agreement?

The on-campus housing agreement covers the full academic year (fall and spring semesters) or remaining portion thereof.


What is parental verification?

Students under the age of 18 at the time they submit their housing agreement will need a parent/guardian to complete an electronic verification of the student housing agreement. Without the completed parental verification, you will be unable to access Step 3 and Step 4 of the housing selection process.  

After completing your housing application, an automated email will be sent to the email address you listed for your parent/guardian in the Addresses/Contacts section during Step 1.  Be sure to have your parent/guardian check their Spam or Junk folders in case your email provider flags it by accident.  If your parent/guardian does not receive the electronic verification email, please send an email to  housing@lockhaven.edu and include the name and email address of your parent/guardian and we will work to send a new verification email.


How much does it cost to live on campus?

For housing rates and meal plan fees, visit the Housing and Meal Plan Fees page of our website. 


Do new students have to live in a specific residence hall?

No, all students are welcome to live in our traditional residence halls and Fairview Suites. Transfer students with 30 or more completed college credits may also live in Campus Village, Lock Haven University’s apartment-style housing.


Which housing application should I complete?

 If you want to share your living space with another student, complete either the:

New Student Application for two person rooms, suites & apartments (student will have a roommate-suitemate)

New Student Gender Inclusive Application for two person rooms, suites & apartments (student can live with roommate regardless of gender identity or sex assigned at birth.)

If you DO NOT want to share your living space with another student, complete either the :

New Student Application for one person rooms, suites & apartments (student lives completely by themselves, not for private suites!)

New Student Gender Inclusive Application for one person rooms (student can live in designated areas of the building regardless of gender identity or sex assigned at birth.)


What is gender inclusive housing?

Recognizing that single-gender housing may not be preferred by all students, Housing and Residence Life has established residential spaces not defined by the traditional gender binary (male and female). Students who complete a gender inclusive housing application may choose a roommate/suitemate from across the gender spectrum regardless of biological sex, or may live on a gendered floor regardless of their biological sex.

Please note, Smith Hall has gender inclusive, single-occupant bathrooms on each floor. Gender inclusive means the bathroom is available for any gender to use at any time.


What is a double-as-a-single?

A double-as-a-single is a space designed to house two students with two sets of furniture but it reserved for only one student without a roommate. A limited number of double rooms in the traditional residence halls, shared suites in Fairview Suites, and apartments in Campus Village are available as a double-as-a-single. Please note, the second set of furniture cannot be removed from double-as-a-singles. 


How do I find a roommate?

MyHousing offers a roommate searching feature to assist in matching compatible students. The feature will become available for your use when Step 3: Declare Your Roommate opens on June 1, 2023. To use the feature, log into MyHousing and go to My Personal Information > Roommate Profile and submit your profile. Then go to Room Selection > Select Roommates to find someone with a similar roommate profile. Reach out to them and see if you would be compatible to live together. To see more results, try clearing some of the search criteria to expand your options.

Zeemee, a social app for college offered by Admissions, and the LHU Current Students group in Facebook also are great places to search for a roommate. You’ll find a link in your application portal to download the Zeemee app.


Do I need a roommate if I want to live in a private suite in Fairview Suites?

Yes. Even though the two students living in a private suite have their own bedrooms (hence why we call it a private suite), they still share a bathroom and a small common space inside the suite.


What happens if my roommate cancels their housing agreement?

If for some reason, after you have selected your apartment/suite/room, your roommate notifies us that they are no longer attending LHU, we will fill the vacancy. We encourage students to check their housing assignment in MyHousing throughout the summer for any changes. Students will not be notified directly about roommate changes when they occur.


Can I be assigned a roommate?

If you don’t want to select your own roommate, you can have Housing and Residence Life place you with another student and assign the two of you to a room. To select this option, simply complete Step 1: Create Your Housing Profile and Step 2: Sign Your Housing Contract. Once finished, send an email to housing@lockhaven.edu letting us know you want to be automatically assigned. Please note, roommate assignments completed by the Office of Housing and Residence Life are generated randomly in mid-to-late July after Housing Selection for New Students has ended. 


What is pet-friendly housing?

Available in Smith Hall and Campus Village only, students may bring from home one dog, one cat, OR two caged rabbits/hamsters/gerbils/guinea pigs to live with them. Certain restrictions apply. Pet registration, approval, and fee required before pet’s arrival. Fish living in a 10-gallon tank or smaller are welcome in all residence halls and do not need to be registered.


I selected the wrong room, suite, or apartment. Can I pick a different one?

MyHousing will not allow you to make changes once you have selected housing. In order to make this type of change, you and your roommate will need to email housing@lockhaven.edu as soon as possible to request a change to be made.

Troubleshooting Tips

When I click on Room Selection > Select Rooms, I get the message "You are not eligible to submit roommate requests for this term." What does this mean?

Step 3: Declare Your Roommate does not open until June 1, 2023. If you still see this message on, or after, June 1st, it could be for one of two reasons:

  • An incomplete housing application will prevent you from moving on to Step 3: Choose a Roommate. If you were under the age of 18 when you completed Step 2, your application may be missing the Parental Verification form. Have the parent or guardian you listed in the Addresses/Contacts  section check their email for instructions on how to complete this process. 

  • Make sure Fall 2023 is list in the For the Term field at the top of the page. 


Why can't I find my choosen roommate when I search for them by name?

Most likely your chosen roommate hasn't signed up for housing yet. Another reason may be your chosen roommate accepted a roommate request from another person. Contact your chosen roommate to make sure they've completed Step1 and Step 2 and still want to be your roommate.

If your chosen roommate is an upper-level student, however, their name will not appear in your search. Instead both you and your chosen roommate must send an email to housing@lockhaven.edu to request to room with each other.


Why am I not getting any results when I search for a roommate by interests or lifestyle preferences?

The roommate search tool functions by using all of the criteria you select for your search. The more questions you answer in the search tool, the fewer results you will receive. For your first search, we recommend only answering the question "What is your ideal roommate's first choice for housing?" If you get more results than you want to read through, simply go back to the search tool and answer a second question to narrow down your results. 


When I click Room Selection > Select a Room/Suite, I get the message  "You are not set to participate in any room selection processes at this time." What does this mean?

Students who complete a two-person housing application but did not complete STEP 3: Choose a Roommate may see this message. It simply means you must first choose a roommate before you can select a room. Please note, you must choose a roommate first in order to select a private suite in Fairview Suites.

Another reason you may see this message is if you did not select the correct term. Please make sure Fall 2023 is list in the For the Term field at the top of the page. 


Why do I only see a couple of rooms when I try to complete Step 4: Select a Room?

Housing Selection for New Students is a series of sequential steps where the rooms you see in Step 4 are determined by the choices you made in Steps1 through 3. The most common reasons students don't see the variety of expected rooms are:

  • You completed a Gender Inclusive application. Completing a Gender Inclusive application means you will only see rooms and suites reserved for Gender Inclusive Housing, which is available in designated areas of Smith Hall and Fairview Suites. 

  • You completed a two-person housing application but did not declare a roommate.  Students who click Select a Room/Suite in the Room Selection sub-menu without first declaring a roommate will see only half-vacant spaces. A half-vacant space is a double occupancy room or suite that already has one person assigned to it leaving one space still available. Please note, you must choose a roommate first in order to select a private suite in Fairview Suites.

  • You sent a roommate request but that person hasn't accepted it yet. In order for Step 3 to be complete, your roommate must log in toMyHousing and accept your roommate request. To find out if your roommate request was accepted, navigate to the Select a Roommate section in MyHousing. If you see the phrase "You have a an unmatched roommate group", your roommate hasn't accepted your request yet.

  • You inadvertently completed multiple housing applications OR you completed a one-person application. Contact Housing & Residence Life for assistance.

  • The type of room you are looking for may not be available. This mostly happens when students want to select a Double-as-a-Single space. Contact Housing & Residence Life for assistance.

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