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Beginning in April, the Financial Aid Office will automatically review Pell Grant eligibility for each undergraduate student who is registered to take a summer course at LHU. If a student qualifies for and is eligible for a Pell Grant, a general email notification will be sent to the LHU email account. Awarded financial aid is viewable anytime of day in myHaven, under the “Financial Aid tab”, in “Financial Aid Awards”. Because summer aid program eligibility is based on specific criteria, the awarded financial aid has the potential to change if any of the criteria change- especially enrollment. Students are urged to promptly notify the Financial Aid Office of any registration changes made after summer aid eligibility has been reviewed.


  1. Register for classes in one of LHU's  summer sessions- Extended summer, Summer 1 and/or Summer 2.
  2. Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements at the end of the spring semester. This does not apply to new students starting in the summer.
  3. Have a complete FAFSA on file. For the summer of 2021, students must have a complete 2020-21 FAFSA on file with LHU listed. The only exception to this rule is the Physician Assistant Program students. 
  4. Students who are enrolled half-time may be eligible for loans in the summer. Students who would like their loan eligibility reviewed should submit a Summer Loan Application. Half-time is defined as 6 credits for undergrad students and 3 credits for graduate students. 
  5. If additional financial assistance is needed for summer, please consider a PLUS or Private Loan.


Federal Pell Grant: The Financial Aid Office will automatically review Pell Grant eligibility for all enrolled students who have a current FAFSA on file. If it is determined that the student has eligibility for summer, the student must also be meeting SAP to qualify.

Pennsylvania State Grant: Students, who are eligible for a Pennsylvania State Grant through PHEAA, may choose to apply for a summer grant award.

  • Eligible students working on a bachelor’s degree are eligible for up to 8 full-time semesters of the Pennsylvania State Grant. Summer grants are included in the total amount and taking a grant in the summer could result in losing a grant in a future semester.
  • PHEAA requires that all eligible recipients are enrolled at least half–time (6 credits). If you are unsure whether you are satisfying this requirement, please contact the Financial Aid Office for clarification.
  • Students must also be meeting academic progress requirements for PHEAA in order to be eligible.
  • To apply, students should go to and follow the links to the information about the summer state grant.

Federal Direct Student Loans: The Financial Aid Office will review loan eligibility for all returning students who have submitted a Summer Loan Application.

  • In order to qualify for loans in the summer students must be meeting SAP, registered half-time (usually six credits) over the course of the summer, and have remaining eligibility from the current academic year.
  • If a student is graduating from LHU at the end of summer and the graduation date has been updated with the Registrar’s Office, he or she may have additional loan eligibility for summer as long as the student is meeting SAP and is enrolled half-time.
  • All students receiving Direct Student Loans at LHU must have completed Entrance Counseling for LHU and have a current Master Promissory Note on file. To complete Entrance Counseling and the Master Promissory Note, please log in at

Federal Direct PLUS Loans: Students must be enrolled half-time and meeting SAP requirements to receive this loan, even if a parent or graduate student has been approved to receive the loan.

  • Dependent students may have a parent apply for the Direct Parent PLUS Loan as an additional resource.
  • If a student’s parent is denied the Direct Parent PLUS Loan, the student may be eligible for additional Direct Unsubsidized Loan funding if it was not already utilized throughout the course of the current academic year.
  • Graduate students may apply for the Direct Graduate PLUS Loan.
  • Parents and graduate students must apply for the PLUS Loan online at
  • More information about PLUS loans can be found under the “Types of Financial Aid” tab.

Alternative Educational Loans/ Private Loans: an additional loan option for students who need further assistance for summer educational expenses.  Alternative loans are not a government program and are available through private lenders. Interest rates and terms of the loans may vary depending on the loan program the student wishes to utilize. Students typically need a credit worthy cosigner to have their loan application approved. More information about Alternative Loans can be found on the Financial Aid Office Webpage under the “Types of Financial Aid” tab.


Contact Financial Aid Office

223 Ulmer Hall, Lock Haven University, Lock Haven, PA 17745
(570) 484-2424


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