ODEI Complaint Process

If you need to report an emergency or are reporting an incident that poses an imminent risk of harm, call Lock Haven University (LHU)’s Public Safety Department at 570-484-2278, or dial 9-1-1.

Please note that completing this form does not constitute filing an official police report and is not a substitute contacting the police.

LHU will use the information provided here to begin an investigation. This may include contacting the reporting party, responding party, and/or any potential witnesses. However, if the report does not contain specific information, the investigation and ability to respond may be limited.

Upon receipt of this report, the appropriate Lock Haven University administrator will review the matter and take proper steps to address the concern in accordance with Lock Haven University policies and procedures. Complainants and witnesses may be contacted and asked to provide additional information. When submitting a report, please include as many details as possible.

LHU respects the sensitivity of the information that may be included in this report and will make all reasonable efforts to protect the privacy of those involved, in accordance with applicable state and federal law, while balancing the need to gather information to address the incident in order to protect the Lock Haven community.

  1.  After realizing that you have a complaint, you must complete the Non-Academic Complaint Form
    1. Non-Academic Complaint Form
  2. After reporting the incident, LHU will follow the student code of conduct policy, which is located in the student handbook.
  3. Student Handbook
  4. Lock Haven University Code of Conduct
  5. Lock Haven University Policies

If you have been victimized and would like to speak to a professional from the office of Counseling Services, you can contact the University Counseling Services at 570-484-2479 or visit the website.

Counseling Services Website
Below is a step by step overview of the complaint process.

Step 1 – Complaint is filed by the complainant.

Step 2 – The complaint will be investigated by the staff of ODEI and Title IX to determine where the complaint is and should be filed.

Step 3 -  After deliberation, the conduct board will determine which student policies have been violated.

Step 4 – The student (defendant) will be notified of the policy violations and or charges against them. You (the complainant), will also be notified that the person they filed a complaint against, was notified of their conduct and policy violations. Both the complainant and the defendant will be notified of what campus/university resources are available to them during this time. On the notification a date for a judiciary hearing will be included on the notification to the students.

Step 5 – A decision from the judiciary / conduct board will deliberate and make a decision based on the violation that the defendant was brought up against.
For more information on conduct violations, and student complaint procedures, please visit the student complaint procedures webpage.

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