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Dr. Jay Lunden

J309 East Campus Science Center
(570) 484-2551

Courses Most Commonly Taught

  • Zoology
  • Principles of Biology
  • Basic Biology

Areas of Expertise

I am a marine biologist interested in how organisms respond to global ocean change. Two prominent changes currently occurring in the oceans at a global scale are ocean warming and it’s “evil twin” ocean acidification. Most of my work has focused on the responses of deep-sea corals (Anthozoa: Scleractinia) to ocean acidification and warming in the Gulf of Mexico and Antarctica, but I have also studied echinoderms and mollusks in a similar context in intertidal and polar systems. In my research, I seek to identify how global ocean change impacts fundamental biological processes (e.g. growth, reproduction, metabolism) in marine invertebrates, and if species possess resiliency to these changes.

Feel free to follow me on ResearchGate and Twitter (@JayLunden).

Links of Interest


  • Ph.D. 2013, Biology, Temple University. Dissertation: Ocean acidification and the cold-water coral “Lophelia pertusa” in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • B.S. 2007, Biology, Temple University.

Courses Developed

  • Experimental Marine Biology (not offered at LHU)

Professional Publications

Georgian, S.E., D.M. DeLeo, A. Durkin, C. Gomez, M. Kurman*, J.J.Lunden, & E.E. Cordes. (2016). Oceanographic patterns and carbonate chemistry in the vicinity of cold–water coral reefs in the Gulf of Mexico: implications for resilience in a changing ocean. Limnol. Oceanogr. 61: 648-665. Doi:10.1002/lno10242

Lunden, J.J., C.G. McNicholl*, C.R. Sears*, C.L. Morrison, & E.E. Cordes. (2014b). Acute survivorship of the deep-sea coral Lophelia pertusa from the Gulf of Mexico under acidification, warming, and deoxygenation. Front. Mar. Sci. 1:78. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2014.00078

Lunden, J.J., J.M. Turner*, C.G. McNicholl*, C.K. Glynn*, & E.E. Cordes. (2014a). Design, development, and implementation of recirculating aquaria for maintenance and experimentation of deep-sea corals and associated fauna. Limnol. Oceanogr.: Methods. 12:363-372.

Lunden, J.J., S.E. Georgian, & E.E. Cordes. (2013). Aragonite saturation states at cold-water coral reefs structured by Lophelia pertusa in the Northern Gulf of Mexico. Limnol. Oceanogr. 58:354-362.

Professional Presentations

2016     6th International Symposium on Deep Sea Corals; Boston, MA; Oral.

2014     Gordon Research Conference: Ocean Global Change Biology; Waterville Valley, NH; Poster.

2014     ASLO Ocean Sciences Meeting; Honolulu, HI; Poster.

2012     5th International Symposium on Deep Sea Corals; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Oral.

2011     Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement Information Transfer Meeting; New Orleans, LA; Invitedoral.

2011     ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting; San Juan, PR; Oral.

2010     2nd Graduate Fellows Research Symposium; Temple University, Philadelphia, PA; Oral.

2010     12th International Deep Sea Biology Symposium; Reykjavik, Iceland. Poster.

2010     ASLO Ocean Sciences Meeting; Portland, OR. Poster.            

2009     1st  Graduate Fellows Research Symposium; Temple University, Philadelphia, PA; Oral.

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