Strategic Planning Oversight Committee (SPOC)


The Strategic Plan Oversight Committee (SPOC) plays a key role in guiding and assessing Institutional Effectiveness by ensuring that the Strategic Plan is implemented and assessed through monitoring the action plans and assessments of the all Divisions and Units. The committee provides a hub for distribution of responsibility, coordination of efforts, communication, and, as a result, the sustainability of data-driven planning and improvement across all levels and divisions of the University.


The SPOC is charged with: 1) receiving and evaluating annual reports and assessment plans from Divisions and Colleges (including non-academic units) and relevant requests or recommendations from the University Curriculum Committee, Outcomes Assessment Committee, Academic Affairs Assessment Committee, and Administration, 2) producing a yearly report on progress towards implementation of the Strategic Plan and attainment of goals as they relate to the University Mission, 3) making recommendations for implementation of the Strategic Plan goals back to responsible units and forward to the President’s Cabinet, and 4) making recommendations for revisions of the Strategic Plan.

Frequency of Meetings:

The SPOC meets monthly or as needed. Analyses of Divisional and Unit reports will begin during early Fall of each year with reports and recommendations to the Administration submitted by October 15.


Provost Co-chair

Faculty Co-chair

Assistant Provost for Planning, Assessment, and Accreditation

Academic deans

Finance & Administration Vice-President or designee

Student Affairs Vice President or designee

Equal faculty representation from each college.

Institutional Research Director

Library/Academic Technology Director or designee

SCUPA representative

AFSCME representative

Student representative

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