Assessment Workshop Training

Each year the Outcomes Assessment Committee (OAC), the Academic Affairs Assessment Council (AAAC) and the Provost’s Office brings faculty and staff together for workshops related to improving the assessment process at the university.  Below are presentation files from assessment workshops  A list of faculty resources will be added for LHU faculty and staff to contact individuals with specific experience and expertise related to various assessment topics.

LHU Assessment Workshop Session #1: Tuesday January 19th at 11:00 am

How to perform embedded assessments using the D2L Quiz function as a method for collecting Student Learning outcome data for your Academic Program

Have you thought about ways to make the assessment of student learning process easier to use and more efficient to collect and aggregate the results?  Participants in this session will learn how to set up and use embedded assessments using the D2L quiz function for general education rubrics as well as how to map the quizzes to learning outcomes for specific academic programs.  Have your computer ready during the presentation to go though the steps provided as you receive hand-on practical instructions to conduct embedded assessments for student learning outcomes reporting.

Faculty Presenter: Dr. Troy Dermota, Chairperson, Outcomes Assessment Committee (OAC) & Department of Chemistry

Presentation Document

Assessment Workshop Session #2: Wednesday January 20th at 11:00 am

How to Create Effective Classroom Assignments using the Degree Qualification Profile (DQP) and The National Institute of Learning Outcomes (NILOA) Assessment Library Initiative

Have you ever wondered how faculty create effective classroom assignments for purposes of student assessment? Or, if a library of pedagogically sound assignments exists? This presentation will focus on the National Institute of Learning Outcomes Assessment “assessment library initiative” which includes “pedologically sound” methods and examples of classroom assignments that are disciplinary specific. In addition, both the Degree Qualification Profile and NILOA’s assignment library initiative place emphasis on disciplinary level classroom assignments as the foundation for assessment of student learning. Looking at both the DQP and resources from NILOA’s assessment library, we will explore how “tuning” is used to align assignments with “stage by stage” learning outcomes through the curriculum.  

Faculty Presenter:  Dr. Ed Bowman, Department of Criminal Justice

Presentation Document 1

Presentation Document 2


Assessment Workshop Session #3: Thursday January 21st at 11:00 am

LHU Faculty-wide Discussion of 3-Year Trends for General Education Student Learning Outcomes

Faculty from the entire university will be discussing the 3-year trends results from the most recent general education data reported on Critical Thinking as well as on the Natural Sciences Inquiry Discussions will allow recommendations for improving learning and assessment processes based on learning data presented by the Outcomes Assessment Committee (OAC) chairperson, Dr. Troy Dermota. This discussion will then be provided to the OAC, Gen Ed Sub-committee and the UCC to work toward closing the loop. All faculty, Deans and VPs are welcome.  In addition to the discussion on the 3-year trends, expectations will be provided for all programs to report on Technology Competencies (TC) and General Education results and actions in Nuventive IMPROVE (formerly called TracDat).

Faculty Presenters: Dr. Troy Dermota, Department of Chemistry & OAC Chairperson; Dr. Brett Everhart, Special Assistant to the Provost for Assessment & Department of Health & Physical Education

Summary of Faculty Discussion and Recommendations for Closing the Loop

Critical Thinking 3-Year Trend presentation AY15-18

Natural Sciences 3-Year Trend presentation - AY15-18

Past Assessment Workshops

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