Academic Affairs Assessment Council (AAAC)



The charge to the AAAC includes:


  1. Evaluate the quality and thoroughness of program student learning outcomes, assessment plans and means of assessment. If changes or additions to program student learning outcomes are deemed necessary, then the Deans and faculty members on the Outcomes Assessment Committee or AAAC will assist programs with developing or modifying their program student learning outcomes.

  2. Determine whether programs are obtaining learning assessment data and using the data to improve student learning (“closing the loop”). The AAAC recognizes that course modifications need to be based on sound, repeated measures. Therefore, the AAAC will track acquisition and use of data over successive academic years. If consistent weaknesses are noted in a particular area after two or three years of sampling, then programs are expected to address these weaknesses through course modifications or well-reasoned explanations.

  3. Review data trends in program learning outcomes and periodically submit reports to academic programs, the University Curriculum Committee, Deans, and Provost.

  4. Periodically review the effectiveness of the processes for assessing program learning assessment processes and submit reports to the Strategic Planning Oversight Committee.

Reviews of both program student learning outcomes and program outcomes will occur in August and September in meetings with the Provost and Deans. Ad hoc faculty members may assist with review of student learning assessment plans but will not participate in annual program reviews.



Standing membership of
the council consists of the Provost, Academic Deans, Chair of the Outcomes Assessment Committee,
two staff members to provide IR and technology support, and at least two ad hoc faculty members. Other ad hoc members may be added depending on current needs related to accreditation and assessment issues.



AAAC Role / Representation Faculty Member Rotation Cycle Class/Year
Poorman College (BISHS)   Class of 2024
NBHS   Class of 2023
LAE   Class of 2022
119 Course Assessment Dr. Jeanine Page Class of 2020
OAC Dr. Lynn Bruner, 2017-18 to TBD  
UCC Dr. Dan Gales  

Special Assistant to Provost,

AAAC co-chair

Dr. Brett Everhart  

Interim-Provost / VPAA, AAAC


Dr. Stephen Neun  
Nuventive Support Shane Jones  
Dean, Residence & Student Life Dwayne Allison   
Dean, LAE  Dr. Kyoko Amano  
Dean, Poorman College (BISHS) Dr. John Nauright   
Dean, NBHS  Dr. Jonathan Lindzey  
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