Dual Enrollment

Experience LHU while still enrolled in high school!



Important Information

What is dual enrollment

Dual enrollment allows you to earn college credits while you are still in high school. Most of our general education courses and some introductory level major courses are available. You will work closely with your high school guidance counselor to determine the courses that will fit into your schedule. Dual enrollment is offered at both the Lock Haven and Clearfield campuses and students may take face to face or online options. Upon successfully completing coursework, you will earn college credits that will be applied to your LHU transcript. If you decide to attend elsewhere, LHU credits are able to be transferred. 


  • Provide a pathway to a bachelor's degree by allowing students to earn college credits while still in high school, minimizing the time to completion.
  • Allows students to receive a less-expensive post-secondary education
  • Allows students to explore potential college majors and career pathways
  • Provides opportunities to expand education in areas where high school does not have advanced placement classes
  • Improves a student's college readiness and allows them to explore career options

what are the requirements to participate

If you are motivated, enrolled in academic or college prep coursework, and considering a post-secondary education, Dual Enrollment is a great option for you.

Other things to consider

  • Dual enrollment students are not eligible for federal or state financial aid
  • Students will be registered after current Lock Haven students have had the opportunity to register
  • Enrollment is based on space availability
  • A permission form must be submitted for each semester/session the student wishes to enroll
  • The student must only submit the online application on their application.

How much does it cost

The application fee for Dual Enrollment students has been waived by the Office of Admissions. Dual Enrollment students coming from an approved school district (listed below) receive a 75% tuition discount of their tuition and fees. For the 2022-2023 academic year, the cost for a three credit course will be approximately $330.

LHU currently has a dual enrollment agreement with the following school districts (homeschooled students within these school districts also qualify):

  • Bald Eagle Area
  • Bellefonte Area
  • Clearfield Area
  • Clearfield Alliance Christian
  • Curwensville
  • Dubois Area
  • Dubois Catholic School
  • Eastern York
  • Harmony
  • Jersey Shore Area
  • Keystone Central
  • Loyalsock Township
  • Milton Area
  • Moshannon Valley
  • Penns Valley Area
  • Philipsburg Osceola
  • St. John Neumann Regional Academy
  • Sugar Valley Rural Charter School
  • West Branch Area
  • Williamsport Area
Course Recommendations and Offerings

To explore a set of recommended courses and find out when courses are being offered, please follow the links below:

Recommended courses

These courses are general education courses that are required for most degree programs. Please be advised that some of the math and science courses will require a student to take a math placement exam prior to registration. 

Course Offerings

Each semester LHU offers a robust selection of courses for students to take. Courses offered are viewable in myHaven typically at the beginning of the registration period. Please make sure to review the details of the cousrs are some are only offered to certain population. 

When using the "course offerings" link above, please follow the suggestions below:

  1. Update the semester to one you plan to be enrolled. For example: to take a course starting in the Fall of 2022, select FA2022. 
  2. Add a department if you already know the course you plan to take. For example: if you plan to take a psychology course, select "Psychology" for the department.
  3. Be sure to change the program level to "Undergraduate"
  4. Then select search

 Course offerings are typically available 1-2 months prior to the start date of the semester.  Students should consult with their school counselor to ensure that courses meet their high school's graduation requirements. 

Apply for Dual Enrollment

Students must complete an application to LHU (make sure to indicate you are applying for dual enrollment) and also submt a permission form. The permission form includes parent and school counselor signatures and it also includes the courses the student wishes to take. Returning dual enrollment students must only submit the permission form. 

  1. Complete and submit the free, online Lock Haven University  form 
  2. Print, complete and return the Dual Enrollment Permission Form to the Admissions Office
  3. Submit an academic transcript from your educational institution with your initial permission form


Registration Period

Once you have submitted your dual enrollment application, your permission form, and your academic transcript  you will be registered for your course(s) beginning on the dates listed below:

Fall Semester:  April 25th 

Spring Semester:  December 1st 

Summer Sessions 1 & 2: March 15th

Review the Academic Calendar for specific information for each upcoming semester

Student Resources

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar holds all of the date information that applies to your semester of enrollment. You can find the dates of when classes start and end. Also listed are any holidays, breaks, and final exams. Links to the academic calendars for each semester can be found here:

Course Schedule

Your student schedule and other important information regarding your courses and grades is housed in myHaven. To view your schedule login with your email (without the and password. Once logged in you can access many areas, however the schedule is accessible under the “student” tab.

Campus Map

The campus map can help you to find your way around campus, find the buildings where your classes are held, places to park your car, or find other important offices you may need to access. To view a mobile version of the campus map click here.

Student ID Cards

ID cards are issued to students in the University Store, located in the Parson’s Union Building. The store is open for any student Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. No appointment is necessary. To access the University Store: 

All Students MUST Present a Valid Government-Issued Photo Identification Card to Show Proof of Identification in order to receive a Lock Haven University Student ID.

Examples of Valid Government-Issued Identification Include:

  • Valid State Photo Driver’s License
  • Valid Passport with Photo ID
  • Valid Military Photo Identification Card
  • Valid State Issued Photo Identification Card
  • Valid Government-issued Photo Identification Card

 If Students DO NOT have a Government-Issued Photo Identification, the following forms of combined original identification (no copies) will be accepted:

  • High School Photo Identification Card with a Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, Proof of Residency or LHU Acceptance


  • Former College Photo Identification Card with a Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, Proof of Residency or LHU Acceptance


The parking system at LHU is designed to protect the parking privileges of the permit-holders and visitors. The parking regulations are intended to provide students, faculty, staff and visitors with a safe, secure, and convenient place to park.

Commuting students who reside outside the LHU parking perimeter are able to obtain a parking permit for $40 that is valid from August to July. Students who wish to obtain a parking decal should submit the online application here.

Student Billing and Payment Information

The Student Accounts Office is responsible for generating your student bill as well as processing payments, refunds, and 1098-T tax information. As a reminder, Dual Enrolled students are not eligible for financial aid. 

The student bill reflects registration charges and a Dual Enrollment discount- as long as your district has entered agreement with LHU. Student bills are generally due the first day of classes.

Students who drop their course(s) within the first week of the semester will not be responsible for any portion of tuition and fees.

For questions regarding student bills, payment methods, refunds, tax information, and payment plans please contact Student Accounts by one of the below methods.  Any emails received will be responded to in a timely manner.

Office Hours:  Monday through Friday 8:00AM - 4:00PM
Phone Hours:  Monday through Friday 7:30AM - 4:00PM

Meal Plans

Meal Plans are convenient, flexible, and loaded with options. Your Meal Plan includes dining locations all across campus with a range of menus and offerings.

To sign up for a meal plan whether you live on or off campus, either go to Ulmer 219, or click here.

  1. Go to the Student tab at the top and using the menu on the left side of your screen select Housing & Dining Self Service.
  2. Click Application at the top and select Dining Plan Only Application (for commuting students).
  3. Be sure to read your Application thoroughly! 
  4. Sign your application using your mouse, mousepad, or finger and click Continue.
  5. Answer the questions and select your meal plan.
  6. Click Continue to finalize your application. 

All meal plans are two-semester agreements and will auto-renew in the spring semester. If you would like to make a change to your meal plan in the spring semester, please visit 219 Ulmer. Please note myHaven works best in Google Chrome.

To open a FLEX account or to add FLEX in person, visit Ulmer 224.

To add FLEX to your account online, click here.

  1. Click on the Student Accounts tab at the top.
  2. Click on the Pay My Bill or Add Flex* option in the menu on the left side of your screen.
  3. A new tab will open redirecting you to the Blackboard transact eAccounts Dining Flex page. You will then have the option to add FLEX with a credit card or bill it directly to your student account.

Any unused Flex Dollars will be forfeited at the end of spring semester. Flex does not rollover from Spring to Fall Semesters.

Questions about meal plans can be directed to Nick Zolak, (570)484-2833

Online Bookstore

Lock Haven University has moved to an online bookstore environment. While the LHU Campus Store sells other items, they no longer sell books. Students will now purchase their course materials through the new LHU Virtual Bookstore.

If you have questions or run into speed bumps along the way, please review the information on the bookstore webpage. On this page, there are instructions and a list of FAQs. At the bottom of that page, you can also find information on who to contact if you have questions about the virtual bookstore.

The decision to move to a virtual bookstore was driven by the desire to save students money.  LHU has partnered with MBS Direct, who offers the nation’s largest inventory of used books (savings for you!), a guaranteed buyback program, 24/7 customer service and hassle-free returns. 

More information can be found here:

First Day Access Program

First Day Access is a book program offered for select book titles. The benefits of the program are that books are charged to the student's bill so that students do not need to have access to a credit card or have the funds up front for the book. This allows their financial aid refund (if receiving one) to help pay for the book(s).

The program provides an e-book that is accessed through the D2L portal so that students have it on the first day of class. Students who prefer a physical copy of the book will need to opt out of the e-book and purchase it on their own.

Please note: If a textbook is listed as being a part of the First Day Access program, you do not need to purchase it on your own.  It will be automatically billed to your LHU student account, unless you opt out.

More information about first day access can be found on the virtual bookstore page at

Department of Technology

The Department of Technology (IT) oversees all technology related areas of Lock Haven University. To view their informational brochure for new students, please click here

D2L: Online Learning Platform

Web-based courses use LHU’s Brightspace by D2L platform, as do many face-to-face courses. You can find the link to D2L from the LHU webpage. At the very top of the page, click on “Inside the Haven” tab and then under “Logins” choose D2L. Once there, click on “LHU User Login” and use the first part of your LHU email (before the and your LHU email password. 

You will need to contact the LHU IT Helpdesk-(570)484-2286 or for password resets. 

Once logged in your course should be listed under “my courses”. Your course registrations are updated on D2L each night at 1 a.m.  If you do not see your current schedule when you log in to D2L, please wait until after the system updates at 1 a.m. 

Please be sure to review the helpful information listed under the “welcome students” section. For any questions regarding how your course will utilize D2L, please contact your professor.

Math Placement Assessment

All students intending to take mathematics courses at LHU (including dual enrolled students) are required to take the Mathematics Placement Assessment designed and implemented by the Department of Mathematics. We will not be able to register you for any mathematics courses without appropriate placement test scores.

The placement test is administered online and you can take it from home, in a computer lab, or in the Mathematics Department. It should be noted that there is a slight delay between the time you take the test and when it is recorded in your student record. Please be advised that there may be a 1-2 day delay.

The mathematics placement test is designed to determine which mathematics course you should take in order to have the greatest chance of succeeding in your mathematics and science classes. You are not expected to know all of the answers to the questions on the placement test, so if during the test you are asked something that is not familiar or that you do not know how to answer, DO NOT PANIC! Answer the question to the best of your ability and move on to the next question. DO NOT guess if you don’t know the answer, simply leave the question blank and move on.

Test Sections


Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of real numbers; fractions, decimals, ratios and percentages


Basic properties of algebra involving variables; exponents and radicals; solving basic equations; adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and factoring polynomials; basic inequalities


Properties of algebraic expressions; exponents and radicals; absolute values; solving equations and systems of equations; linear equations (slopes, intercepts, equations of lines); solving inequalities and systems of inequalities; graphing equations


Functions (graphing, domain and range, evaluation); trigonometry (both radian and degree measure); logarithms

Once you are at a computer and are ready to take the assessment, do the following:

  • Type in the URL web address: . Make certain you are ready to begin before continuing!
  • “Click on the LHU User Login button and log in with the same username and password you use for LHU email and myHaven.  You should then see the Math Placement Assessment under My Courses.”
  • Read announcement carefully and click the software check link. You will see a short quiz for software check. Answer those questions and save your answers before hitting the submit button.   This will take you to the link for Part 1- Math Placement Test (Another way of accessing Part 1- Math Placement test is to click on Assessments and from the drop-down list click on Quizzes).
  • Answer the questions in Part 1 – Math Placement Test to the best of your ability. Save your answers and submit your test. If your score is 60% or higher on part 1 then you will see a link to Part 2 of placement test. Similarly, if you have a score 60% or higher in part 2 then you can access part 3 and so on up to part 4.
  • Remember that we do NOT expect you to be able to answer all questions; if you do not know what the question is asking, DO NOT PANIC! Simply leave the question blank and proceed to the next question.
  • At the end of each part, you will be asked to print your score for your record.
  • Finally, after completing the test and viewing and/or printing your results, please close all open windows.

If you have any difficulties, please contact Dr. Denine Simin for assistance.

Grade Information

Grading at LHU is overseen by the Registrar’s Office.

  • Grades are not mailed. Students log on to their myHaven account to access grades.
  • If you are placed on academic warning, probation, suspension, or dismissal at the close of the semester, your letter is mailed to your home address on record.
  • If you receive an incomplete grade and do not know why this grade has been recorded, please contact the instructor.
  • Location:  224 Ulmer
  • Phone: (570)484-2006
  • Email:

Grading Policy at LHU

Grades are reflections of a student’s academic performance. Prospective employers and graduate schools consider grades when making decisions about employment or admission. Grades are a record of achievement satisfying learning, interest, application, and motivation. Grades are submitted by faculty using online grade entry. Grades are due by the deadline on the academic calendar, typically Tuesday at 3 PM following the close of a semester.


Letter Grade

Quality Points Per Credit



































Library Services

At the Main Campus and at the Clearfield Campus, the goal of the LHU Libraries is to provide you with easy access to information resources and services that support your academic and professional studies. Our librarians are here to help you locate, evaluate, and effectively use all kinds of information sources: print and electronic books, journals, databases, videos, websites, and more.

Our staff in Interlibrary Loan Services can provide you with research materials from other libraries. For your convenience, the librarians have created online study guides (called “LibGuides”) for various courses and disciplines to assist you with your research. You can find them at

We strive to create comfortable spaces inside the library where you can study in groups, find quiet study areas, or just sit and relax. Stevenson Library on Main Campus includes a 24-hour study room which is accessible by I.D. card after normal library hours.

The Stephanie A. Wollock Learning Commons is on the 2nd Floor of Stevenson Library. It includes the Writing Center, the Betty B. Schantz Tutorial Center, the Helen Burgess Terrill Archives, and Media Services. The purpose of the Wollock Learning Commons is to provide students with easy access to several related support services, all in one location. Students and faculty can borrow laptops, cameras, and other media equipment from Media Services. A large collection of instructional and feature films is also available. For more information, call Media Services at 570-484-2545.

All LHU students, faculty, and staff can access the library’s e-resources from anywhere on or off campus. Your I.D. card number and your name are all you need to access these e-resources from off campus.

If you have questions about library resources or services, the best place to start is the library’s “Ask Us” page at If you don’t find your answer in the “popular questions” section, or if you prefer personal communication, feel free to call us, send us an email, use our reference chat service, or stop by to speak with us in person. The phone number to Stevenson Library is 570-484-2310. The phone number to the Clearfield Campus Library is 814-768-3410. The librarians are listed with their research specialties and email addresses at

Tutorial Services

Tutorial Services provides free tutoring for math, writing and general education 100 and 200 level courses. Math and writing tutoring are provided on a drop-in, one-on-one basis. Group peer tutoring is provided for the other general education courses. Tutors are students at Lock Haven University who are trained to be tutors. Tutoring is beneficial to all students, not just those doing poorly. Students are encouraged to seek tutorial assistance before they experience serious difficulties in their coursework.

To apply for tutoring or to be a tutor, go to Tutorial Services website  Click either ‘Get A Tutor’ or ‘Become A Tutor’.

The Tutoring Center is located on the 2nd floor of Stevenson Library in the Wollock Learning Commons. Please direct comments, questions and suggestions to

Counseling Services

LHU Counseling Services is an integral part of the Department of Social Work and Counseling. The mission is to serve the Lock Haven University community and services provided include consultation, psychological assistance, and counseling.

Students who are interested should contact Counseling Services at 570-484-2479, Monday through Friday from 8-4.

The Early College office serves students looking to enroll in courses at our Bloomsburg, Lock Haven, or Mansfield campuses as part of Commonwealth University. For additional information regarding dual enrollment, please contact the Early College office at 570-389-2738 or


 Contact Us!

Admissions Office

401 N. Fairview Street, Lock Haven, PA
(570) 484-2027

Office Hours

8:00am to 4:00pm Monday-Friday

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