radiation and health physics

Radiation and Health Physics (B.S.)

Join a profession devoted to protecting people and their environment from potential radiation hazards, while making it possible to enjoy the beneficial uses of radiation in medicine, energy generation, industry, and research. 


Our Program

Radiation and Health Physics (B.S.)

A profession of protection

There are few radiation science graduates, and yet the demand for them is great!

The only undergraduate radiation and health physics program in PA!

In addition to basic education in physical science and other specialized courses, a radiation and health physics internship will provide you with a real-world experience beyond what you can learn in a classroom, along with career readiness and marketability. 

Career Fields

  • Industry
  • Medicine
  • Nuclear Power
  • Military
  • Environmental Protection
  • Enforcement of Government Regulations
  • Decontamination and Decommissioning
  • Education
  • Research


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