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Fall Opening Meeting

The week before classes start, the President hosts the fall opening meeting to celebrate with faculty and staff the start of a new academic year.  The President gives a campus community welcome address, and vice presidents introduce all new employees within their division.  The meeting transitions to a state of the University address providing updates on topics like strategic plan progress and university priorities, reports on key statistics (e.g., enrollment and retention), the budget and performance on financial metrics, employee engagement initiatives, communications and branding, and results on key studies.  These sessions are webcast so everyone at all sites can attend.


Fall Opening Meeting 2021 Outline
Fall Opening Meeting 2020 Outline
Fall Opening Meeting 2019 Outline

Fall Opening Meeting 2018 Outline

Town Hall Meetings

Keeping with University tradition, the President invites faculty, staff, and students to participate in campus community meetings each semester to engage in conversations through thoughtful exchanges.  The forum enables information sharing, interactive discussions, and answers to questions either on the spot or through timely follow-up.  Representatives from the administration, union leaders, and student government officers are available to field questions and provide insight on strategic priorities and actions, external influences causing change, timely updates on initiatives, and topics submitted by the campus community in advance of or during the meeting. These sessions are webcast so everyone at all sites can attend.

Town Hall Outline 2021 03 04
Town Hall Outline 2020 10 26

Town Hall Outline 2020 07 22

Town Hall Outline 2020 03 35
Town Hall Outline 2020 02 18
Town Hall Outline 2019 10 29
Town Hall Outline 2019 04 16
Town Hall Outline 2019 02 19
Town Hall Outline 2018 11 22
Town Hall Outline 2018 09 18

 University Leadership Council

Twice a semester, the President convenes the University Leadership Council (ULC), a group consisting of the executive staff, deans, faculty department chairs, bargaining unit leaders, the student government president, athletic director, institutional research director, and administrators with wide-ranging responsibilities. This broad representation is intended to bring focus to issues that extend across university divisions and require collective dialogue and deliberation.  This university leadership group regularly discusses the plans and actions necessary to advance our future, serve our students, and sustain us financially.

ULC Outline 2020 09 01
ULC Outline 2020 04 16

ULC Outline 2019 12 19
ULC Outline 2019 09 27
ULC Outline 2019 02 21
ULC Outline 2018 11 15

 Academic Affairs Leadership Council 

The Provost gathers the academic leaders with executive staff forming the Academic Affairs Leadership Council (AALC).  This group meets twice a semester and serves as an avenue for chairs and administration to discuss “big picture” academic planning and advance the University’s academic vision in a collaborative manner.  Discussion topics may also include specific questions or concerns that influence faculty and student success. 


AALC Agenda 2021 05 20
AALC Agenda 2021 03 18

AALC Agenda 2021 01 21

AALC Agenda 2020 10 15
AALC Agenda 2020 05 21

AALC Agenda 2020 03 19
AALC Agenda 2020 01 16
AALC Agenda 2019 10 17
AALC Agenda 2019 08 21
AALC Agenda 2019 04 18
AALC Agenda 2019 03 21
AALC Agenda 2018 10 18 
AALC Agenda 2018 08 22

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