Annual Assessment Data

Teacher Education Employers, Alumni, and Recent Completers’ Assessment Results

Academic Year 2016-17

Academic Year 2015-16

Academic Year 2014-15



Annual Reporting Measures (CAEP Component 5.4 | A.5.4)
Impact Measures (CAEP Standard 4) Outcome Measures
1. Impact on P-12 learning and development *See Teacher Work Sample for examples
(Component 4.1) 
5. Graduation Rates (initial & advanced levels)
2. Indicators of teaching effectiveness *See Student Teacher Compentency Form for examples
(Component 4.2)
6. Ability of completers to meet licensing (certification) and any additional state requirements; Title II (initial & advanced levels)
3. Satisfaction of employers and employment milestones
(Component 4.3 | A.4.1)
7. Ability of completers to be hired in education positions for which they have prepared (initial & advanced levels)

4. Satisfaction of completers    AY16-17 Post Grad Survey Results
(Component 4.4 | A.4.2)              AY14-17 Annual Report on Unit Assessments of Learning- Teacher Education Unit
                                                                   TABLE - YEAR BY YEAR ACTIONS DRIVEN BY UNIT ASSESSMENT DATA RESULTS


8. Student loan default rates and other consumer information (initial & advanced levels)

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