Closing the Loop for Improving General Education Student Learning

Part of Assessment

Faculty discussions of assessment data that generate curricular recommendations driven by General Education Learning Assessment results should be submitted to OAC and then to the General Education sub-committee of the UCC for consideration and follow-up.  The OAC chairperson writes a report on the recommendations made by faculty for improvement of learning and/or the assessment process.  That report is submitted to the General Education Sub-Committee of the UCC which then reviews and sends to the UCC for review and acknowledgement so that it can then be disseminated to faculty for specific recommended improvements to be made by academic programs.  Once, the UCC reviews and acknowledges that the recommended improvements need to be completed by specific academic programs, faculty or other people, then the Academic Affairs Assessment Council (AAAC), which includes the Deans and Provost, will communicate and follow up with the involved parties regarding the plan and timeline for improvements to be completed.  After improvements have been completed, the involved parties should communicate with the Special Assistant to the Provost for Assessment and Accreditation the details of the actions so it can be entered into TracDat for General Education actions.

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