Services Available for Students with Disabilities at LHU

Disability related services and accommodations are available for students who have self-identified as an individual with a disability, submitted appropriate documentation, and have had their request for accommodations approved through the Office of Disability Services for Students (ODSS). Services available include:

  • Academic Advisement– Disability Services faculty will provide academic advisement to students as it relates to issues of disability. Disability Services faculty do not take the place of a student’s assigned academic advisor within his/her academic discipline. (also see Priority Registration).
  • Accommodation Letters– In a meeting with the student with a disability, the Director of the Office for Disability Services for Students (ODSS) will work with the student to develop an accommodation letter. This letter is sent to faculty members via email. The student is required to meet with the faculty during office hours to discuss the academic accommodation needs addressed in the letter. The letter informs faculty members of appropriate and reasonable accommodations that must be made upon request. This letter is also used as a method of implementing the collaboration between the ODSS and faculty. It is up to the individual student whether they would like to disclose the exact nature of their disability to their professor when they discuss their accommodations.
  • Advocacy– Faculty of Disability Services will act as an advocate for students with disabilities when appropriate.
  • Audio/Electronic Books -Students with print related disabilities are encouraged to obtain this reasonable accommodation early. The ODSS has memberships in several audio/electronic book services and can recommend text-to-speech reader programs. Students are encouraged to first seek their own audio/electronic books and can also apply for membership to Learning Ally. If students cannot find their books, the ODSS can assist in this process. Proof of purchase must be shown prior to the student receiving their books from the ODSS.
  • Career Counseling Assistance– The ODSS supplements the services offered by the Center for Career and Professional Development whenever disability issues are involved. In addition, the ODSS will advise on graduate school programs with appropriate services.
  • Counseling- Disability Services counseling is offered to students open with the ODSS. This may include: time management, organization skills, study skills, test taking, etc. (this is not an exhaustive list). Mental Health counseling services and psychological services are available through the University Counseling Center and outside the university.
  • Course Substitution or Waiver Assistance- The University will not compromise University standards in lieu of your disability. Because of this, course substitutions and waivers are rare. Permission for course substitution or waiver must be granted by the Dean of the appropriate College. Disability Services will provide verification of the disability and the functional limitation causing the request for waiver or substitution.
  • Disability Information and Evaluation Referral– The ODSS can provide you with information on agencies that can assist you with disability concerns beyond the scope of the ODSS. Among the information that can be provided is information about disability evaluation resources. The ODSS will often make referrals to off-campus facilities or agencies for assessment and/or evaluation. The cost of assessment and evaluation is the responsibility of the student.
  • Financial Aid Counseling- The ODSS works closely with the Financial Aid office and staff to identify potential financial aid resources for students. The ODSS does not provide direct financial assistance. 
  • Housing- The Residence Life/Student Affairs division of the University will make accessible rooms available upon request. The request for reasonable accommodation in the residence halls should be made through the ODSS.
  • Interpreter Services- The ODSS has a list of local certified interpreters and will make the appropriate contacts as the need for interpreter services arise. Students must allow adequate time to coordinate the arrangement of these services.
  • Mathematics Center-  The Mathematics Center is located in Robinson, 4th Students can take a math placement test in the center and receive extended time if open with the ODSS. Additionally, students may receive advisement based upon the test scores regarding the appropriate course or level of course that should be taken. In addition, the Mathematics center provides the opportunity for students to get direct tutoring assistance with mathematics problems. Practice tests, video tapes of math lectures, and computer programs are among the resources available at the center.
  • Note Taking Services- If your disability interferes with your ability to take notes in the classroom, you can use several note-taking options. The first option involves recording of lectures. Recording lectures is for personal use only, requires erasure of the recording after class related use, and adherence to applicable copyright laws. Digital voice recorders are available for check-out from the ODSS equipment lending library. The second option involves using a volunteer from your class. The volunteer's notes can be photocopied at the ODSS at no charge. The third option involves a hired note-taker who is identified in your class to take notes; this exchange is anonymous. All methods are effective and you can ask the Director of the ODSS to assist in identifying an appropriate note-taking accommodation.
  • Orientation- At your request, Disability Services will provide a specialized orientation that addresses your disability related needs. This orientation will focus on disability access and services to students with disabilities.
  • Peer Mentorship/Assistance- Students with an interest in peer advisement may be assigned a peer mentor. This program is designed to provide peer support in study skills, answer campus activity and organization questions, and assist with orientation to campus services and general issues of adjustment to college life.
  • Physical Accessibility Accommodations- Programs and activities must be accessible to individuals with disabilities.  The ODSS makes certain that programmatic accessibility is in place. LHU activities that are inaccessible to persons with disabilities will be relocated to an accessible location or the facility in which the activity is located will be made accessible.  The ODSS must be made aware of these accessibility needs in order to make changes to the activities or programs.
  • Priority Registration- Priority registration allows some students with disabilities the first option of enrollment in Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania courses for Fall and Spring Sessions. Priority registration occurs only during preregistration and does not impact upon summer sessions, late registration or drop/add procedures. Please note that priority registration is a reasonable accommodation and is only available to those students who have a disability-based need for the service. Reasons for approving priority registration are individualized. For example, students requiring extended time on tests will register for classes allowing enough time between classes to receive the extended time. Priority registration allows students to plan accommodations in an appropriate and timely fashion. Your cooperation in following procedures for priority registration is essential.
  • Readers- Student readers are available, upon request, to assist with academic and test-related reading needs.
  • Referral to On and Off Campus Resources- Referrals to any human service agency or service can be made through ODSS for students with disabilities. 
  • Scribe Services- If you have a disability which severely impacts your writing or typing skills, the ODSS can provide suggestions for assistive technology resources, or may provide someone who can write or type for you. This individual will transcribe exactly what you say without editing. During your time as a student at LHU, the ODSS will work with you to explore adaptive equipment possibilities. For out-of-class work you may choose to hire an independent scribe or typist. The ODSS will assist by showing you how to secure such services.
  • Study Skills Resources- Study skills resources are available through first-year experience courses, the University Tutorial Services, peer mentors, and ODSS, as well as other campus workshops.
  • Testing Accommodations- The ODSS will provide a distraction-reduced environment and extended time for students who are eligible. Eligibility for testing accommodations, like all other accommodations, is based on the student's functional limitations described in their documentation of their disability. Students must give five (5) working days’ notice in order for the ODSS to arrange an examination.
  • Tutoring Services- Tutoring for many 100- and 200-level courses is available to all students through the University Tutorial Services.
  • Vocational/Visual Services- The ODSS can refer students with disabilities to the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (Pennsylvania-OVR) or Blindness and Visual Services (Pennsylvania-BVS). Both agencies provide a wide range of disability related services including diagnostic evaluation, career/vocational assistance, evaluation of need for assistive devices and adaptive equipment and other services.
  • Writing Center- The Writing Center is a drop-in service located in Stevenson Library. The writing center can assist in developing, planning, organizing, revising and editing any writing assignment. Tutors will assist in the review of basic English skills- usage, mechanics, punctuation, etc.

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Office of Disability Services for Students

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